Pacific Blue/Air New Zealand NW11 Initial Trans-Tasman Changes: Update 2

Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia Group member Pacific Blue continues to realign their operational schedule on Trans-Tasman route starting Northern Winter 2011 season (eff 30OCT11).

Latest changes as of 08JUN11 as follows. This site on 03JUN11 reported changes to Air New Zealand’s planned operation from 30OCT11:

Christchurch – Brisbane Realigned schedule, offering 2 Daily flights
DJ081 CHC0700 – 0750BNE 73H 1
NZ801 CHC0630 – 0720BNE 320 x1
NZ801 CHC1520 – 1610BNE 320 1
DJ083 CHC1600 – 1650BNE 73H x1

NZ800 BNE0820 – 1450CHC 320 x1
NZ804 BNE1710 – 2340CHC 320 1
DJ082 BNE1800 – 0025+1CHC 73H D

Above schedule varies in Dec 2011 and Jan 2012

Queenstown – Brisbane Pacific Blue replace Air New Zealand service
DJ113 ZQN1640 – 1730BNE 73H 27
DJ110 BNE0915 – 1540ZQN 73H 27

Service operates 04DEC11 to 31JAN12

Queenstown – Sydney Up to 5 weekly, compared to up to 3 in NW10
NZ831 ZQN1415 – 1530SYD 320 7
NZ831 ZQN1525 – 1640SYD 320 1
NZ831 ZQN1555 – 1710SYD 320 6
DJ089 ZQN1715 – 1830SYD 73H 5

NZ832 SYD0820 – 1315ZQN 320 7
NZ832 SYD0930 – 1425ZQN 320 1
NZ832 SYD1000 – 1455ZQN 320 6
DJ088 SYD1130 – 1640ZQN 73H 5

DJ089/088 21DEC11 – 27JAN12 Operates Day 35

Wellington – Brisbane Pacific Blue take over this route, 2 Daily flights
DJ067 WLG0700 – 0750BNE 73H D
DJ069 WLG1600 – 1650BNE 73H D

DJ066 BNE0845 – 1510WLG 73H D
DJ068 BNE1745 – 0010+1WLG 73H D

Combined NZ/DJ service was 13 weekly in NW10

Other Pacific Blue Trans-Tasman service changes:
Brisbane – Auckland Increase from Daily to 8 weekly from 31OCT11, 9 weekly from 28NOV11
Brisbane – Dunedin Reduce from 4 to 3 weekly from 29NOV11
Sydney – Auckland Reduce from Daily to 6 weekly from 30OCT11, 5 weekly from 04FEB12

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