Canadian carrier Air North Summer 2011 increase & Whitehorse – Victoria charter in Oct 2011

Canadian carrier Air North during Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (Weekend of 07OCT11) is offering charter service on Whitehorse – Victoria nonstop service, on board Boeing 737 aircraft.

Also, for Summer peak travel, the airline has increased Whitehorse – Calgary – Edmonton – Whitehorse from 4 to 6 weekly (Compared to S10). Flight increase is in effect from 25MAY11 to 09SEP11. On Whitehorse – Dawson City, the airline is increasing service from 6 to 8 weekly, with the new evening service starting 13JUN11 to 09SEP11.


Whitehorse – Calgary – Edmonton – Whitehorse
4N507 YXY1000 – 1330YYC 737 x6
4N508 YYC1410 – 1455YEG1535 – 1700YXY 737 x6

Whitehorse – Dawson City
4N307 YXY0830 – 0945YDA HS7 357
4N207 YXY0830 – 0945YDA HS7 1
4N305 YXY0830 – 0945YDA HS7 24
4N203 YXY1700 – 1815YDA HS7 15

4N208 YDA1515 – 1625YXY HS7 1
4N308 YDA1515 – 1625YXY HS7 357
4N306 YDA1550 – 1705YXY HS7 24
4N204 YDA1835 – 1950YXY HS7 15

Whitehorse – Victoria
4N7881 YXY1500 – 1720YYJ 737 07OCT11
4N7882 YYJ1800 – 2035YXY 737 10OCT11

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