DELTA Cuts Los Angeles – San Francisco Service from 11 to 7 Daily from Dec 2011

As per 21AUG11 GDS timetable and inventory display, DELTA from 01DEC11 is reducing Los Angeles – San Francisco service from 11 to 7 Daily. Service operates with CRJ700/900 aircraft.

The Skyteam member currently operates shuttle-style service with LAX departing at :45 of the hour and SFO departing at :50 of the hour, in average every 1-2hrs. Reduction is in effect from 01DEC11 until 15FEB12 for the moment, as schedule after 16FEB12 remains pending.


DL4771 LAX0745 – 0911SFO CR7 D*
DL4663 LAX0845 – 1014SFO CR9 D**
DL4784 LAX1145 – 1314SFO CR7 D*
DL4720 LAX1245 – 1411SFO CR9 D**
DL4795 LAX1545 – 1711SFO CR7 D*
DL4780 LAX1645 – 1811SFO CR7 D
DL4608 LAX2045 – 2213SFO CR7 D

DL4663 SFO0650 – 0807LAX CR7 D
DL4771 SFO0950 – 1108LAX CR7 D*
DL4720 SFO1050 – 1207LAX CR7 D
DL4784 SFO1350 – 1507LAX CR7 D*
DL4780 SFO1450 – 1608LAX CR9 D**
DL4795 SFO1750 – 1906LAX CR7 D*
DL4770 SFO1850 – 2006LAX CR7 D

* operates with CRJ900 eff 17DEC11
** operates with CRJ700 eff 17DEC11

Service from LAX no longer operates from 01DEC11: 0645, 1045, 1445, 1845
Service from SFO no longer operates from 01DEC11: 0850, 1250, 1650, 2050