Japan and Canada Signs Open-Skies Deal; To be In effect from 2013

Japan and Canada this week has concluded new bilateral talk in Vancouver (on 13SEP11 and 14SEP11), which will liberalize air traffics between the two countries (known as Open-Skies Agreement).

The open-skies deal, with conditions, is due to be in effect from 2013. This also marks Japan’s First Open-Skies deal with a non-asian country.

Summary of the agreement includes:

*Liberalizing air traffic between the two countries (Open-Skies) in effect from Summer 2013, when annual slots at Tokyo Narita Airport reaches 270000
*Canadian Carriers will have unlimited 5th freedom rights beyond Japan, excluding Tokyo Airports
*Japanese Carriers will have unlimited 5th freedom rights beyond Canada
*Possible service increase to/from Tokyo Narita starting as early as Summer 2012
*Restrictions for Service to/from Tokyo Narita will be removed by Summer 2013

Note that Service beyond Canada and Japan is subject to 3rd country’s Government Approval

Original Report issued by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism can be found here