Colombia’s Aires to Adopt LAN Airlines Group Flight Numbers from Nov 2011

From 01NOV11, Colombia’s Aires is adopting LAN Airlines’ “LA” flight numbers, replacing its own “4C” coded flight numbers, as part of Aires’ integration to LAN Group, and increasing its market visibility outside Colombia.

General Flight Number Changes as follows:

Route Until 31OCT11 eff 01NOV11
Bogota – Armenia 4C831x/832x LA315x
Bogota – Barranquilla 4C818x/819x LA312x
Bogota – Bucaramanga 4C819x LA316x
Bogota – Cali 4C820x LA305x/306x
Bogota – Cartagena 4C817x LA309x/310x
Bogota – Cucuta 4C827x LA318x
Bogota – El Yopal 4C804x/805x LA320x/339x
Bogota – Ft. Lauderdale 4C20x LA350x
Bogota – Ibague 4C800x LA323x
Bogota – Leticia 4C803x LA311x
Bogota – Manizales 4C807x LA317x
Bogota – Medellin 4C833x/834x LA300x/307x
Bogota – Monteria 4C805x LA319x
Bogota – Neiva 4C802x LA307x/322x
Bogota – Pereira 4C830x LA321x
Bogota – Puerto Asis 4C809x LA322x
Bogota – Quibdo 4C822x LA325x
Bogota – San Andres Island 4C825x LA304x/307x
Bogota – Santa Marta 4C813x/814x LA314x
Bogota – Valledupar 4C829x LA324x
Bogota – Villavicencio 4C806x LA324x/325x
Medellin – Apartado 4C812x LA335x
Medellin – Bucaramanga 4C831x LA338x
Medellin – Ibague 4C803x LA337x
Medellin – Monteria 4C810x LA336x/337x
Medellin – Pereira 4C823x LA338x
Medellin – Quibdo 4C811x LA336x
Bucaramanga – Cucuta 4C831x