DELTA S12 Trans-Atlantic Operation Changes as of 13DEC11

As per 13DEC11 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to DELTA’s Trans-Atlantic Operation changes for Summer 2012 season as follows.

All services are effective 24MAR12, unless otherwise noted. Also, further changes remain possible:

Amsterdam – Mumbai Flight number change from DL056/057 to DL604/603. US point originates from Newark, replacing Atlanta
Atlanta – Amsterdam Operational aircraft changes. Also, Seasonal 3rd Daily service to be introduced from June to August 2012
DL174 ATL1500 – 0555+1AMS 767 5
DL174 ATL1515 – 0555+1AMS 332 x5
DL238 ATL1740 – 0825+1AMS 333 D
DL033 ATL1950 – 1050+1AMS 767 D 01JUN12 – 03SEP12

DL175 AMS0900 – 1225ATL 332 x6
DL175 AMS0900 – 1240ATL 767 6
DL239 AMS1105 – 1445ATL 333 D
DL032 ATL1310 – 1705ATL 767 D 02JUN12 – 04SEP12

Miami – London Heathrow Boeing 767-300ER replaces 767-400ER
Minneapolis – Paris CDG Airbus A330-200 replaces Boeing 767-300ER
New York JFK – Malaga Summer service operates from 01JUN12. However, planned service increase from 6 weekly to Daily has been shelved. Instead it’ll reduce from 6 to 5 weekly
DL162 JFK1700 – 0700+1AGP 752 x14
DL163 AGP1015 – 1250JFK 752 x25

New York JFK – Paris CDG Boeing 767-400ER replaces 767-300ER
New York JFK – Valencia Summer service operates from 01JUN12. Planned service increase from 4 weekly to Daily is now cancelled
DL198 JFK2150 – 1140+1VLC 752 x247
DL199 VLC1400 – 1650JFK 752 x135

Seattle – Amsterdam Summer peak season service reduced from 14 weekly in S11 to
01JUN12 – 02SEP12 13 weekly
03SEP12 – 30SEP12 12 weekly

DL232 SEA1340 – 0830+1AMS 333 D
DL153 SEA1810 – 1305+1AMS 767 x4

DL233 AMS1025 – 1135SEA 333 D
DL152 AMS1505 – 1625SEA 767 x1

DL153 eff 03SEP12 operates Day x46, DL152 eff 04SEP12 operates Day x16

Previously reported changes:
Atlanta – Milan Malpensa Service operates 5 weekly for entire S12 (Daily in S11 peak season)
Atlanta – Paris CDG eff 01JUN12 Summer peak season reduces from 2 to 1 Daily (Loss of capacity compensated partially by AIRFRANCE operating 777-300ER from 21MAY12, see report on 02DEC11)
Atlanta – Venice Seasonal service operates from 02JUN12 to 03SEP12 (03JUN12 – 04SEP12 from VCE), 4 weekly service, same as S11. Previously planned Daily
Boston – London Heathrow Service maintains at 1 Daily with 767-400ER, reduced from 2 Daily in S11
Detroit – Paris CDG NEW Summer seasonal service operating from 01JUN12 to 03SEP12 (CDG departure 02JUN12 to 04SEP12)
Memphis – Amsterdam Service operates 4 weekly (Day x567), reduced from Daily in S11
New York JFK – Brussels Boeing 767 operating in S12, replaces 757 in S11
New York JFK – Copenhagen Summer service operates from 01JUN12 to 03SEP12, Boeing 767-300ER replaces 757 in S11
New York JFK – Dublin Summer season operates Daily with Boeing 767, reduced from 9 weekly 757/767 in S11
New York JFK – Frankfurt Boeing 767 operating in S12, replaces 757 in S11
New York JFK – Moscow Sheremetyevo Boeing 767-400ER operating in S12 (Same as W11), replaces 767-300ER in S11
New York JFK – Pisa Service operates 4 weekly in S12, reduced from 6 weekly in S11. 767-300ER operating
New York JFK – Rome Summer peak season from 02JUN12 to 04SEP12 operates 10 weekly, reduced from 12 in S11
New York JFK – Stockholm Summer service operates from 01JUN12 to 03SEP12, Boeing 767-300ER replaces 757 in S11
New York JFK – Venice Boeing 767-400ER operates Daily, replacing -300ER in S11
Pittsburgh – Paris CDG Service operates 5 weekly in S12, reduced from Daily in S11. 757 operating
Seattle – Paris CDG Daily 767-300ER service eff 24MAR12, replacing AIRFRANCE A330/340 service

Following routes sees operational aircraft identical to Summer 2011:
Atlanta – Barcelona Daily Airbus A330-300
Atlanta – Madrid Daily Boeing 767-400ER
Atlanta – Munich Daily Boeing 767-400ER
Atlanta – Rome Daily Airbus A330-300
New York JFK – Athens Daily Airbus A330-300
New York JFK – Barcelona Daily Airbus A330-300
New York JFK – Madrid Daily Boeing 767-400ER
New York JFK – Nice Daily Boeing 767-400ER

Following Routes continues to display Boeing 767-300ER operating. Note the code in ( ) represents operational aircraft in S11:
Atlanta – Accra – Monrovia (332)
Atlanta – Dublin (333 during peak summer season)
Detroit – Frankfurt (764)
New York JFK – Istanbul (332)
New York JFK – Prague (332)

Following Routes cancelled. Note the information in ( ) represents operations in S11:
Atlanta – Athens (4 weekly 767)
Atlanta – Copenhagen (1 Daily 767)
Atlanta – Moscow Sheremetyevo (4 weekly 767)
Atlanta – Prague (4 weekly 767)
Atlanta – Tel Aviv (4 weekly 777)
New York JFK – Berlin (6 weekly 767)
New York JFK – Budapest (6 weekly 767)
New York JFK – Manchester (1 Daily 752)