airBaltic S12 Operation Changes as of 20DEC11

As per 20DEC11 GDS timetable and inventory display, airBaltic’s Summer 2012 planned operation as follows.

Details as follows, note further changes remain possible. All comparison is based on S12 vs S11.

Riga – Aalesund Planned Service increase from 3 to 4 weekly from 26MAY12, cancelled
Riga – Amsterdam Increases from 11 weekly in S11 to 13 weekly
Riga – Athens Reduced from 5 weekly in S11 to 4 weekly
Riga – Chisinau Reduces from 4 weekly in S11 (Peak season July – Sep 2011) to 3 weekly
Riga – Copenhagen Planned increase from 3 to 4 Daily is CANCELLED
Riga – Dusseldorf Reduces from 6 weekly in S11 to 5 weekly
Riga – Kiev Planned increase from 3 to 4 Daily is CANCELLED
Riga – Minsk Dash8-Q400 replaces Fokker 50, 4 weekly service maintained
Riga – Moscow Domodedovo Gradual service increase from 2 to 5 weekly (Day x25) from 25MAR12, Daily from 12MAY12
BT418 RIX1150 – 1440DME DH4 D
BT419 DME1530 – 1625RIX DH4 D

Riga – Munich Increases from 6 to 12 weekly. Existing mid-day BT221/222 service moves from mid-day to morning departures
BT221 RIX0635 – 0750MUC 733 x7
BT223 RIX1740 – 1855MUC 733 x6

BT222 MUC0825 – 1135RIX 733 x7
BT224 MUC2005 – 2315RIX 733 x6

Riga – Odessa Summer service begins from 02JUN12 instead of 17MAY12. Planned service increase from 3 to 5 weekly is CANCELLED
Riga – Oulu Summer service operates from 01MAY12 to 25SEP12, offering 5 weekly nonstop service, replacing Daily 1-stop service in S11
BT309 RIX1930 – 2120OUL DH4 x47
BT310 OUL0740 – 0930RIX DH4 x15

Riga – Simferopol Summer service resumes from 17MAY12, operates 3 times a week. However, service is operating during night hours, instead of daytime
Riga – Stockholm Planned increase from 3 to 4 Daily is CANCELLED
Riga – Tel Aviv Reduces from Daily in S11 peak season to 6 weekly. Planned Boeing 757 operation cancelled
Riga – Turku – Oulu Reduces from Daily in S11 in peak season to 5 weekly
Riga – Vaasa – Umea Service to Umea is operating once again in Summer season, 4 weekly service; Vaasa flight operates 4 weekly, reduced from Daily (previous plan to reduce from Daily to 5 weekly)
Riga – Vilnius Summer service continues to operate 7 times a day. Previously planned reduction to 5 Daily is shelved
Riga – Warsaw Peak season in Summer operates Daily, reduced from 19 weekly in S11 (Previously reduced to 10 weekly)

Previously reported changes:
Riga – Baku Reduces from 3 to 2 weekly
Riga – Barcelona Reduces from Daily to 5 weekly
Riga – Bari Reduces from 2 to 1 weekly
Riga – Belgrade Service Cancelled
Riga – Berlin eff 03JUN12 Service transfers from Tegel to Brandenburg
Riga – Billund eff 02JUN12 Increases from 6 weekly to Daily
Riga – Gdansk Reduces from 6 weekly to 4 weekly
Riga – Helsinki Summer service reduces from 7 Daily in S11 to 5 Daily in S12
Riga – Kaliningrad Reduces from 13 weekly to Daily (reduction in effect from W11)
Riga – Lappeenranta Reduce from Daily to 6 weekly
Riga – London Gatwick Reduces from 11 weekly to Daily
Riga – Nice Peak season service in Summer operates 3 weekly, reduced from 4 weekly in S11
Riga – Palanga Peak season service in Summer operates Daily, reduced from 13 weekly (reduction in effect from W11)
Riga – Paris CDG Reduces from 10 weekly to Daily
Riga – St. Petersburg 12 weekly service operates with Dash8-Q400, replaces Boeing 737 in S11
Riga – Stavanger eff 02MAY12 Increases from 4 to 5 weekly
Riga – Tallinn Service reduce from 7 Daily to 5 Daily (reduction in effect from W11)
Riga – Tampere Reduces from Daily to 6 weekly
Riga – Tashkent Peak season service in Summer operates twice weekly, reduced from 3 weekly in S11
Riga – Tbilisi Service reduces from 6 weekly 757 to 4 weekly 737
Riga – Venice Reduces from 4 to 3 weekly

Following Routes operating during Summer season are cancelled for the moment. There may be a possibility of reinstatement in the coming months:
Riga – Almaty
Riga – Kuopio
Riga – Madrid
Riga – Tampere – Rovaniemi (Tampere service is kept)
Riga – Tromso
Riga – Umea (including service via Vaasa)
Riga – Visby
Riga – Yerevan

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