Lufthansa S12 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 20DEC11

As per 20DEC11 GDS Timetable and inventory display, Lufthansa’s 3rd update for Summer 2012 Long-Haul operation changes, effective 25MAR12, as follows.

Additional changes remain possible.

Frankfurt – Denver 3-class Airbus A340-600 operating Daily in S12, replacing 747-400 (Previously planned 747 operation from 27APR12 to 20JUN12 is cancelled), minor capacity reduction
Frankfurt – Doha – Bahrain Service increase from 6 weekly to Daily. Planned operational aircraft change remains the same
25MAR12 – 20MAY12 A340-300 21MAY12 – 27OCT12 A330-300

Frankfurt – Dubai eff 21JUN12 Airbus A340-600 replaces Boeing 747-400
Frankfurt – Jeddah 4 of 7 weekly service operates as terminator flight, replacing existing service extension to Khartoum (Overall service remains Daily)s
LH652 FRA1235 – 1910JED 333 x135
LH653 JED0150 – 0640FRA 333 x246

Frankfurt – Khartoum – Addis Ababa
*Addis Ababa – NONSTOP service is replaced by 1-stop service via Khartoum. Overall service increases from 5 to 6 weekly
*Khartoum – Service kept at 4 weekly, with NONSTOP flight replacing 1-stop via Jeddah. However Day 35 operating as Technical Stop for ADD service
LH598 FRA1140 – 1825KRT1925 – 2110ADD 333 15
LH598 FRA1140 – 1825KRT1925 – 2110ADD 343 x157

LH599 ADD2255 – 0040+1KRT0155+1 – 0700+1FRA 333 15
LH599 ADD2255 – 0040+1KRT0155+1 – 0700+1FRA 343 x157

Frankfurt – Washington Dulles Planned Airbus A340-600 replacing Boeing 747-400 starting 21APR12, on LH418/419 service, is reversed. Overall service increase from 13 weekly in S11 to 14 weekly is unchanged

Previously reported changes:
Dusseldorf – Chicago
Frequency Variation
25MAR12 – 30APR12 Day x236
01MAY12 – 14MAY12 Day x3
15MAY12 – 02OCT12 Daily
03OCT12 – 27OCT12 Day x3
Aircraft Change
eff 01JUN12 Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-300

Dusseldorf – Miami Operation currently in effect until 13MAY12, and resumes from 03OCT12
Dusseldorf – Newark eff 01JUN12 Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-300
Dusseldorf – Tokyo Narita eff 01JUN12 NEW Service, operating 6 weekly with A340-300, but reduce to 5 weekly from 07OCT12
Dusseldorf – Toronto eff 01JUN12 Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-300
Frankfurt – Abu Dhabi Daily operation with mix of A330-300/A340-300
Frankfurt – Baku – Ashghabat 3 of 4 weekly service operates with A330-300 instead of A340-300
Frankfurt – Beirut Planned Service increase from 12 to 14 weekly
Frankfurt – Boston LH420/421 service on Day 2 operates with A330-300 with First Class, replaces 2-class A340-300. Minor capacity loss
Frankfurt – Buenos Aires Northern Summer service increases from 6 weekly in NS11 to Daily in NS12
Frankfurt – Cairo 2 Daily service is operating once again, however, service is operated by Airbus A321
Frankfurt – Calgary Service CANCELLED from 05FEB12
Frankfurt – Chennai Airbus A340-300 operating for entire Summer season. Previously planned A340-600 operation between 28APR12 and 20JUN12 is shelved
Frankfurt – Chicago Summer seasonal 2nd Daily service, LH432/433, operates with Airbus A340-300 instead of 747-400 in S11, capacity reduction (Service operates from 12APR12)
Frankfurt – Dallas Service increases from 6 weekly in S11 to Daily in S12. A330-300 replaces A340-300 from 28APR12
Frankfurt – Guangzhou Service CANCELLED from 26MAR12
Frankfurt – Houston eff 01AUG12 Airbus A380 begins operation, replacing Boeing 747-400
Frankfurt – Jeddah – Asmara Service operates with A330-300 3 times a week, replaces A340-300 in S11
Frankfurt – Kolkata Service CANCELLED from 25MAR12
Frankfurt – Kuwait Day 4 from FRA, Day 5 from KWI sees A330-300 replaces A340-300
Frankfurt – Lagos A330-300 operates Daily in S12, replaces A340-300 in S11
Frankfurt – Miami Schedule currently displaying Boeing 747-400 operating in S12
Frankfurt – Nanjing Planned 4th weekly operation for S12 is temporary removed
Frankfurt – Newark 2nd Daily LH484/485 Remains Cancelled in S12. Daily 747-400 operation
Frankfurt – New York JFK Airbus A380 service on LH400/401 begins from 21MAY12, instead of 21JUL12
Frankfurt – Orlando Planned 747-400 service replacing A340-600 operation from 29APR12 to 17JUN12 is cancelled. A340-600 to operate the service during this period
Frankfurt – Osaka Boeing 747-400 service introduced in W11 is maintained in S12, Daily service
Frankfurt – Philadelphia Reduces from 6 weekly in S11 to 5 weekly in S12. Airbus A340-300 operating
Frankfurt – Rio de Janeiro Increases from 5 to 6 weekly
Frankfurt – Riyadh – Muscat Airbus A340-600 operates Daily. Riyadh service in S11 was 747-400, minor capacity reduction
Frankfurt – San Francisco Airbus A380 to operate from 25MAR12, instead of 21MAY12
Frankfurt – Shanghai Pu Dong Summer seasonal 2nd Daily service, LH732/733, operates with A340-300 instead of 340-600 in S11, capacity reduction (Service operates from 27APR12 from FRA)
Frankfurt – Shenyang – Qingdao NEW 3 weekly service from 25MAR12, with A340-300
Frankfurt – Tel Aviv Operational aircraft changes
LH686/687 Airbus A340-300 replaces Boeing 747-400 (Day 6 operates with A340-600)
LH690/691 Airbus A340-600 replaces Airbus A340-300/330-300

Frankfurt – Toronto Airbus A340-600 operates Daily, capacity increase compared to A340-300 in S11
Munich – Chicago Extra A340-600 service on 31MAY12 and 05JUN12
Munich – Dubai Airbus A330-300 replaces A340-300
Munich – Mexico City Planned NEW 5 weekly A340-600 service from 25MAR12, CANCELLED
Munich – New York JFK S12 operation sees Airbus A330-300 operating, replacing A340-300 in S11
Munich – Riyadh – Jeddah Airbus A330-300 operates 3 weekly in S12, replacing A330-300/340-300 mix
Munich – Seoul Incheon – Busan Service to operates 6 times a week, A340-300 replaces -600 (Previously planned to increase to Daily cancelled)
Munich – Singapore – Jakarta Reduces from Daily to 5 weekly, A340-300 continues operation
Munich – Tel Aviv Airbus A330-300 operates 5 weekly in S12, replacing A340-300/-600 mix in S11
Munich – Tokyo Narita Service in S12 operates with A340-600, replacing A340-300 in S11 (343 in S11 was due to lower demand after March 2011 Earthquake)

A330-300/A340-300 Aircraft Swap
NO Capacity change when switching from A340-300 (F8C48Y165) to A330-300 (F8C48Y165) or vice versa:
Frankfurt – Abu Dhabi
Frankfurt – Dallas
Frankfurt – Doha – Bahrain
Frankfurt – Jeddah – Asmara
Frankfurt – Kuwait
Frankfurt – Lagos
Munich – Dubai
Munich – New York JFK
Munich – Riyadh – Jeddah

Capacity LOSS when switching from A340-300 (C44Y222) to A330-300 (F8C48Y165) but sees introduction of First Class:
Frankfurt – Boston, LH420/421 Day 2