IBERIA Express S12 Operational Routes

IBERIA Express, the new low-cost carrier of IAG’s IBERIA arm, is to launch operation on Sunday 25MAR12. With the launch of IBERIA Express, IBERIA will progressively transferring some of its domestic and European operation this low-cost unit, and will place its “IB” code on those flights.

IBERIA Express’ IATA code is “I2”, and shares same flight number range as IBERIA (I2/IB2400 – 2699). I2’s initial operation for Summer 2012 season, effective 25MAR12, as follows. These appeared in the GDS on late Thursday 22MAR12, however the airline is in the process of updating its inventory, while awaiting for the grant of Air Operator Certificate (operation not permitted if it failed to receive the certificate), therefore reservation for these routes and flights are not available for the moment.

Madrid – Alicante eff 25MAR12
Madrid – Amsterdam eff 01SEP12; selected service
Madrid – Dublin eff 01JUN12
Madrid – Fuerteventura eff 01JUN12
Madrid – Granada eff 01MAY12
Madrid – Ibiza eff 03MAY12
Madrid – Lanzarote eff 01MAY12
Madrid – Mahon eff 01MAY12
Madrid – Malaga eff 25MAR12
Madrid – Mykonos eff 01JUL12
Madrid – Naples eff 02JUN12
Madrid – Palma Mallorca eff 25MAR12
Madrid – Riga eff 01JUL12
Madrid – Santa Cruz de la Palma eff 01JUN12
Madrid – Santiago de Compostela eff 01JUN12 (Previously posted as Santander, which is an error)
Madrid – Seville eff 25MAR12
Madrid – Vigo eff 01MAY12

Majority of these routes will replace IBERIA Mainline, however some will operate along with Mainline.
Flight Number range for Domestic Spain is I2/IB2400 – 2599, European service I2/IB2600 – 2699.
Further changes to planned operation remains possible.