China Eastern Japan Service Reductions Dec 2012 – Mar 2013

China Eastern and subsidiary Shanghai Airlines has extended Japan service reductions for the remaining of Winter 2012/13 season, until 30MAR13. Latest changes as follows.
中国东方航空 日本航线 缩减运能措施已经延长到2013年3月30日。受影响航线如下。

Nanjing – Osaka Kansai 2 weekly service cancelled. Previously to be resumed from 01JAN13
Qingdao – Fukuoka Daily service reduced to 2 weekly until 25JAN13. Service operates 4 times a week from 26JAN13 to 30MAR13
Qingdao – Tokyo Narita 2 weekly service cancelled. Previously to be resumed from 02DEC12
Shanghai Hongqiao – Tokyo Haneda Airbus A321 continues operation, replacing A330-200
Shanghai Pu Dong – Fukuoka Planned 3rd daily service, MU5035/5036 is cancelled. Previously to start from 01DEC12
Shanghai Pu Dong – Nagasaki Service reduced from 3 to 2 weekly once again, from 17DEC12
Shanghai Pu Dong – Nagoya Planned 4th daily service, MU5087/5088 is cancelled. Previously to be launched from 01DEC12
Shanghai Pu Dong – Osaka Kansai MU515/516 Airbus A320 replaces A330-200 (Overall operation remains 3 daily)
Shanghai Pu Dong – Sapporo Reduction from 5 to 3 weekly extended till 30MAR13. Selected periods will see 4 weekly flights
Shanghai Pu Dong – Sendai Planned 4 weekly service launch from 02FEB13 is cancelled
Shanghai Pu Dong – Tokyo Narita Aircraft downsizing extended
MU523/524 Airbus A320 replaces A330-200
MU521/522 Airbus A321 replaces A330-200
MU271/272 Airbus A321 replaces A330-300

Following routes will be resumed and has not seen any further changes to date:
Nanjing – Tokyo Narita eff 16DEC12 2 weekly service

Following routes will see reduced frequencies being restored:
Shanghai Pu Dong – Hiroshima Service increases from daily to 9 weekly from 18DEC12
Shanghai Pu Dong – Okayama Service increases to daily from current 4-5 weekly, from 24DEC12. Planned 9 weekly service begins from 30DEC12
Shanghai Pu Dong – Okinawa Service increases to 6 weekly from current 4-5 weekly, from 31DEC12. Daily from 01FEB13