Air Canada Opens Reservation for Expanded Beijing Service from June 2013

Air Canada today (04DEC12) opens reservation for the expanded service on Toronto – Beijing route, due to start from 01JUN13. Planned service increase on Vancouver – Beijing route is also to take place on the same day, however reservation is not available at time this post goes to press.
加拿大航空 今日(12年12月4日)开始接受 多伦多–北京 航线新增航班的订位服务。此航线从2013年6月1日起从每日1班增加到每周10班。同日起, 温哥华–北京 航线也将增加航班, 但新增航班截至截稿前仍未开放订位。

Toronto – Beijing eff 01JUN13 Service increases from daily to 10 weekly
AC021 YYZ1300 – 1410+1PEK 77W 146
AC031 YYZ1455 – 1605+1PEK 77W D

AC022 PEK1605 – 1645YYZ 77W 257
AC032 PEK1805 – 1845YYZ 77W D

Vancouver – Beijing eff 01JUN13 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily (Note in the airline’s GDS FLIFO/flight status, service displays as 14 weekly, while press release claims 11)
AC027 YVR2200 – 0020+1PEK 763 D
AC029 YVR1215 – 1435+1PEK 763 D

AC028 PEK0150 – 2150-1YVR 763 D
AC030 PEK1605 – 1205YVR 763 D

Reservation for AC027/028 expected to be opened soon. AC028 begins from 03JUN13
根据加航系统的航班动态显示, 温哥华–北京 航线从每日1班增加到2班, 而非该公司新闻稿先前称增加到每周11班。AC027/028航班目前未开放订位; 另AC028航班13年6月3日开始飞航

Note there is a possible discrepancy as AC027 arrival should be 0020+2, instead of +1