IBERIA Cancels 3 More Mid/Short-Haul Destinations in 2013

Followed by the cancellation of 4 long-haul destinations, IBERIA is also cancelling 3 medium-haul destinations, which sees the termination of Athens, Cairo and Istanbul service. Reservation for these 3 destinations were closed on Monday 10DEC12.

Madrid – Athens Service cancelled from 09JAN13. However, it’ll operate limited service from 04MAR13 to 31MAR13
Madrid – Cairo Service cancelled from 21JAN13. Limited service to operate on 24MAR13
Madrid – Istanbul Service cancelled from 12JAN13. Limited service to operate on 01FEB13, 13FEB13, 22FEB13 – 03MAR13, 28MAR13 – 01APR13

The airline has previously closed reservation for Madrid – Amsterdam, Madrid – Berlin Tegel and Madrid – Stockholm from 10JAN13.