Skymark Airlines Cancels Osaka Kansai Operation from April 2013

Japan’s Skymark Airlines today (28DEC12) announced the closure of Osaka Kansai service with last flight operates on 31MAR13. It currently operates 2 daily each to Okinawa and Sapporo. Existing schedule as follows.

Osaka Kansai – Okinawa
BC925 KIX0910 – 1100OKA 73H D
BC933 KIX1755 – 2015OKA 73H D

BC926 OKA1020 – 1205KIX 73H D
BC934 OKA2050 – 2235KIX 73H D

Osaka Kansai – Sapporo
BC903 KIX0910 – 1100CTS 73H D
BC905 KIX1240 – 1430CTS 73H D

BC906 CTS1505 – 1720KIX 73H D
BC908 CTS1755 – 2010KIX 73H D