Citilink Expands Domestic Indonesia Service from late-Dec 2012

Citilink since 26DEC12 has expanded operations, with the launch of 2 new routes to/from Balikpapan, as well as additional daily service added on 2 routes from Jakarta. Planned operation as follows.

Denpasar – Balikpapan NEW 2 Daily
QG900 DPS1440 – 1610BPN JET D
QG902 DPS1845 – 2015BPN JET D

QG901 BPN1645 – 1815DPS JET D
QG903 BPN2045 – 2215DPS JET D

Makassar/Ujung Padang – Balikpapan NEW 1 Daily
QG730 UPG1050 – 1150BPN JET D
QG731 BPN1345 – 1445UPG JET D

Jakarta – Denpasar Increases from 2 to 3 daily
QG854 CGK1120 – 1405DPS JET D
QG855 DPS2250 – 2335CGK JET D

Jakarta – Makassar/Ujung Padang Increases from 1 to 2 daily
QG712 CGK0640 – 1005UPG JET D
QG713 UPG1945 – 2110CGK JET D