QATAR Airways Moves Forward Planned Boeing 787 Operation to Munich / Zurich to mid-Jan 2013

As per 03JAN13 GDS timetable and inventory display, QATAR Airways once again revised planned Boeing 787 operation to continental Europe, which sees planned operation moving forward to mid-January 2013.

Doha – Munich eff 12JAN13 QR003/004 Day x135 (Daily from 01FEB13*)
Doha – Zurich eff 14JAN13 QR061/062 3 weekly (QR063/064 4 weekly from 01FEB13, therefore operates Daily)

*During mid-day of 03JAN13, QR has shelved the plan to switch back from 787 to A330 on QR003/004 from 01FEB13 to 28FEB13.