[Update 3] ANA & JAL Suspends Boeing 787 Operation on 16JAN13

Third Update at 0915GMT 16JAN13

Followed by the latest incident involving Boeing 787 aircraft in Japan on 16JAN13, ANA and JAL both announced temporary suspension of its Boeing 787 service.

On 16JAN13, JAL cancelled its Boeing 787 service, which all assigned on International route. All JAL International routes operated by Boeing 787, except the following, has been cancelled on 16JAN13:
Tokyo Haneda – Beijing 16JAN13 – 18JAN13 Boeing 777 replaces Boeing 787
Tokyo Narita – Singapore 16JAN13 JL719 Boeing 777 replaces Boeing 787 (JL712 departing SIN on 17JAN13 switches from Boeing 787 to 777 as well, departure time moves from 0800 to 1200hrs)

Tokyo Haneda – Frankfurt NH204 departure on 16JAN13 from Frankfurt is cancelled

Boeing 787 service on International routes are cancelled on 16JAN13, along with several domestic flights. For the remainder of 16JAN13, ANA will continue to operate following service, originally scheduled to be operated by 787. They will be operated by replacement aircraft:
Tokyo Haneda – Fukuoka NH265/270
Tokyo Haneda – Hiroshima NH681/684
Tokyo Haneda – Kagoshima NH627/630
Tokyo Haneda – Matsuyama NH595/598
Tokyo Haneda – Okayama NH653/656
Tokyo Haneda – Osaka Itami NH027/032

On 16JAN13, an ANA Boeing 787 aircraft made emergency landing at Takamatsu due to smoke reported from the cockpit. The 787 was operating from Yamaguchi-Ube – Tokyo Haneda service, NH692. Initial suggestion to the cause points to battery issue. Grounding of Boeing 787 is necessary for emergency inspection.

As of 0900hrs, JAL and ANA revealed planned Boeing 787 operation changes from 17JAN13 to 19JAN13. Please refer to latest report for JAL and ANA.

Original Update at 0255GMT 16JAN13