Cathay Pacific W13 Operation Changes as of 17JAN13

As per 17JAN13 GDS inventory display, latest changes to Cathay Pacific’s Winter 2013/14 long-haul operation reflects the on-going retirement of its Boeing 747-400 aircraft. From January 2014, the oneWorld member further reduces planned Boeing 747-400 long-haul service. Details below.

Hong Kong – Johannesburg eff 01JAN14 Daily Boeing 747-400 operation to be reduced to 4 weekly. Remaining 3 weekly operates with 3-class Boeing 777-300ER (no First Class)
CX749 HKG2345 – 0635+1JNB 744 x136
CX749 HKG2345 – 0635+1JNB 77W 136

CX748 JNB1235 – 0705+1HKG 77W 247
CX748 JNB1235 – 0705+1HKG 744 x247

Hong Kong – San Francisco eff 02JAN14 Daily Boeing 747-400 operation on CX870/879 will be reduced to 3 weekly. The remaining 4 weekly operates with 4-class Boeing 777-300ER
CX872 HKG0100 – 2105-1SFO 77W D
CX870 HKG1405 – 1000SFO 744 357
CX870 HKG1405 – 1000SFO 77W x357

CX879 SFO1150 – 1850+1HKG 744 357
CX879 SFO1150 – 1850+1HKG 77W x357
CX873 SFO2305 – 0600+2HKG 77W D

Previously reported changes:
Hong Kong – Frankfurt eff 01OCT13 4-class Boeing 777-300ER replaces 747-400
Hong Kong – London Heathrow eff 27OCT13 Boeing 747 operation reduced from daily to 4 weekly, while 777-300ER increases from 21 to 24 weekly
CX255 HKG0110 – 0620LHR 744 x357
CX255 HKG0110 – 0620LHR 77W 357
CX257 HKG0950 – 1500LHR 77W D
CX253 HKG1505 – 2010LHR 77W D
CX251 HKG2355 – 0500+1LHR 77W D

CX252 LHR1125 – 0700+1HKG 744 x357
CX252 LHR1125 – 0700+1HKG 77W 357
CX250 LHR1805 – 1345+1HKG 77W D
CX256 LHR2040 – 1630+1HKG 77W D
CX254 LHR2205 – 1745+1HKG 77W D

CX257/256 operates with 3-class 77W on Day x1, 4-class 77W on Day 1

Based on latest plan, Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 747-400 long-haul service by January 2014 is down to 11 weekly. Additional changes remain possible.