brussels airlines S13 European Operation Changes as of 23JAN13

As per 23JAN13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to planned brussels airlines European operation changes on/after 31MAR13 as follows.

Brussels – Catania eff 06APR13 Service resumes with 3 weekly flights on board Airbus A319. From 20APR13 to 21SEP13, Day 6 service changes from A319 to A320
Brussels – Faro eff 31MAR13 Service resumes with 5 weekly A319. From 01JUL13 to 30AUG13, service further expands to daily operation
Brussels – Lisbon Seasonal 2nd daily service operates from 01JUL13 to 31AUG13
Brussels – London Heathrow Service reduces from 25 to 20 weekly (Weekdays service reduce from 4 to 3 daily)
Brussels – Malaga 29JUN13 – 31AUG13 Saturdays operation increases from 3 flights in S12 to 4 flights
Brussels – Newcastle Avro RJ aircraft replaces Dash8-Q400 on up to 3 daily flights

Compared to Summer 2012, following routes sees service reduction. Most of the reductions were introduced since 28OCT12. Further changes remain possible and will be reported when adjustment occurs:
Brussels – Barcelona 3 daily in S13 (4 daily in S12)
Brussels – Berlin Tegel 5 daily (6 daily in S12)
Brussels – Copenhagen 4 daily (5 daily in S12)
Brussels – Lyon 3 daily (4 daily in S12)
Brussels – Manchester 3 daily (4 daily in S12)
Brussels – Milan Malpensa 4 daily (5 daily in S12)
Brussels – Moscow Domodeodovo 1 daily (13 weekly in S12)
Brussels – Stockholm Bromma 3 daily (4 daily in S12)

There are routine reductions and/or cancellations across its network during the month of July and August as usual.

Previously reported changes:
Brussels – Edinburgh Service increases from 6 to 12 weekly with flyBe Dash8-Q400 aircraft (Previously planned Avro RJ aircraft)
Brussels – Florence eff 31MAR13 Service resumes with 8 weekly Avro RJ aircraft
Brussels – Naples eff 06APR13 Service resumes with 6 weekly A319 (Previously planned 5 weekly)
Brussels – Palermo 31MAR13 – 30SEP13 Service resumes with 2 weekly A319 service (1 weekly from 31MAR13 to 14MAY13)
Brussels – Porto eff 06APR13 Service resumes with 1 Daily A319 (A320 on Day 7)

Following routes will not be resumed in Summer 2013:
Brussels – Athens
Brussels – Krakow
Brussels – Warsaw