IBERIA Planned S13 A330-300 Operation as of 24JAN13

As per 24JAN13 GDS timetable and inventory display, IBERIA has further revised planned Airbus A330-300 operation in Summer 2013 season. Latest revision sees the A330 operating additional cities including Miami and New York JFK.

Planned A330-300 operation specifically mentioned below remain subject to change. Last-minute aircraft changes remain possible.

Madrid – Chicago Revised A330-300 operation
06JUL13 – 28JUL13 Day 367
29JUL13 – 31AUG13 Day 36
01SEP13 – 29SEP13 Day 67
03OCT13 – 07OCT13 Day x235
08OCT13 – 26OCT13 Day x35

Madrid – Miami
31MAY13 – 02JUL13 Day x37
03JUL13 – 31AUG13 Day x17
01SEP13 – 07SEP13 Daily
08SEP13 – 02OCT13 Day x7
03OCT13 – 26OCT13 Day x47

31MAR13 – 30MAY13 Daily
31MAY13 – 30JUN13 Day 37
01JUL13 – 26OCT13 Daily

Madrid – New York JFK
01MAY13 – 01JUN13 Daily
02JUN13 – 29JUN13 Day x3
30JUN13 – 01AUG13 Daily
02AUG13 – 29AUG13 Day x5
30AUG13 – 29SEP13 Day x4
30SEP13 – 06OCT13 Day x14
07OCT13 – 26OCT13 Day x124

03OCT13 – 24OCT13 Day 4

Previously reported A330-300 operation for Summer 2013 season:
Madrid – Boston
31MAR13 – 27MAY13 Day x45
28MAY13 – 29JUN13 Day 236
04AUG13 – 25AUG13 Day 7
05SEP13 – 26SEP13 Day 4

Madrid – Luanda
05APR13 – 31MAY13 Day 5
03JUN13 – 25OCT13 Day 15 (all 2 weekly service operates with A330-300)