DELTA Expands Los Angeles Domestic Operation from June 2013

DELTA starting June 2013 launches second-phase of Los Angeles Domestic service expansion, which includes capacity increase to Las Vegas, additional service to San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento. Planned details, which begins from 10JUN13, are listed below.

Los Angeles – Oakland Service increases from 4 to 5 daily
DL4451 LAX0915 – 1041OAK CR7 D
DL4452 LAX1230 – 1355OAK CR7 D
DL4453 LAX1545 – 1707OAK CR7 D
DL4806 LAX1810 – 1931OAK CR9 D
DL4454 LAX2200 – 2323OAK CR7 D

DL4450 OAK0605 – 0730LAX CR7 D
DL4461 OAK1115 – 1235LAX CR7 D
DL4452 OAK1430 – 1550LAX CR7 D
DL4453 OAK1740 – 1902LAX CR7 D
DL4806 OAK1955 – 2119LAX CR9 D

Los Angeles – San Jose CA Service resumption with 4 daily flights (DL last operated this route on 01SEP08)
DL4532 LAX0830 – 0945SJC CR7 D
DL4590 LAX1210 – 1325SJC CR7 D
DL4640 LAX1630 – 1745SJC CR7 D
DL4642 LAX1945 – 2100SJC CR7 D

DL4785 SJC0645 – 0800LAX CR7 D
DL4532 SJC1020 – 1135LAX CR7 D
DL4590 SJC1400 – 1515LAX CR7 D
DL4640 SJC1820 – 1935LAX CR7 D

DL4785 eff 11JUN13

With the service increases, overall DL operation on Los Angeles – San Francisco Bay Area increases to 21 daily, including 12 to San Francisco.

On other intra-California service, DL introduces 5th daily Los Angeles – Sacramento operation
DL4701 LAX0830 – 1000SMF CR7 D
DL4845 LAX1000 – 1133SMF CR9 D
DL4702 LAX1315 – 1443SMF CR7 D
DL4703 LAX1630 – 1759SMF CR7 D
DL4704 LAX2130 – 2302SMF CR7 D

DL4700 SMF0620 – 0751LAX CR7 D
DL4711 SMF1010 – 1139LAX CR7 D
DL4845 SMF1205 – 1338LAX CR9 D
DL4702 SMF1520 – 1647LAX CR7 D
DL4703 SMF1830 – 2000LAX CR7 D

On Los Angeles – Las Vegas market, Mainline operation increases from 4 to 7 daily, on its 9 daily service.
DL834 LAX0750 – 0902LAS 319 D
DL645 LAX0955 – 1109LAS 319 D
DL893 LAX1145 – 1259LAS 319 D
DL647 LAX1345 – 1502LAS 319 D
DL1433 LAX1535 – 1646LAS 319 x6
DL627 LAX1720 – 1831LAS 319 D
DL4784 LAX1840 – 1955LAS CR9 D
DL4808 LAX1955 – 2105LAS CR9 D
DL1531 LAX2100 – 2212LAS 319 D

DL1552 LAS0600 – 0710LAX 319 D
DL834 LAS0940 – 1055LAX 319 D
DL644 LAS1145 – 1305LAX 319 D
DL893 LAS1345 – 1455LAX 319 D
DL646 LAS1535 – 1651LAX 319 D
DL1931 LAS1710 – 1821LAX 319 x6
DL4816 LAS1805 – 1915LAX CR9 D
DL628 LAS1920 – 2032LAX 319 D
DL4784 LAS2030 – 2140LAX CR9 D

From April 2013, DL’s phase-one LAX service expansion/enhancement includes the launch of 1 daily Los Angeles – Nashville service, while resumes 4 daily Los Angeles – Seattle operation. On Los Angles – New York JFK route, the airline re-introduces widebody Boeing 767-300ER aircraft on 4 of 7 daily flights.