KLM S13 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 07FEB13

As per 07FEB13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to KLM’s Summer 2013 long-haul operation, effective 31MAR13, as follows. Additional changes remain possible:

Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Bahrain eff 08APR13 Service increases from 5 weekly to daily, A330-200 operating
Amsterdam – Almaty eff 10APR13 Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly, A330-200 operating
Amsterdam – Bangkok Boeing 777-200ER operating instead of -300ER on following
31MAR13 – 30MAY13 Day 14 (Day 25 from BKK)
31MAY13 – 05SEP13 Day 4 (Day 5 from BKK; Unchanged)
06SEP13 – 26OCT13 Day 45 (Day 56 from BKK)

Amsterdam – Kilimanjaro – Dar es Salaam – Amsterdam 02JUN13 – 31AUG13 Boeing 777-200ER replaces A330-200 (Previous Plan sees 777 operating until 14SEP13)
Amsterdam – Lima eff 01JUN13 Boeing 777-300ER operation increases from 2 weekly (Day 16) to 4 weekly (Day x257), replaces -200ER. Overall daily service (Previous plan was 3 weekly 777-300ER for entire NS13)

Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil – Amsterdam
31MAR13 – 01JUN13 Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly (Day x16; Unchanged). Boeing 777-300ER operates Day 47, -200ER Day 235 (Previous plan 5 weekly 777-200ER)
eff 02JUN13 Service increaes from 5 to 6 weekly (Day x1; Day 6 subject to Approval). All service operated by 777-200ER (Previous plan see -300ER operating 2 of 5 weekly flights)

Amsterdam – San Francisco 15OCT13 – 26OCT13 Boeing 777-200ER replaces 747-400 on Day 146 (Previous Plan: Day 246)
Amsterdam – Tokyo Narita Service increases from 10 to 11 weekly (KL863/864 operates 4 weekly instead of 3; NRT departs on the following day on mentioned days below)
KL861/862 (Unchanged)
31MAR13 – 14JUL13 744 Day 16 74E Day x16
15JUL13 – 31AUG13 744 Day 136 74E Day x136 (Previous plan: 3 weekly 744 from 02JUL13)
01SEP13 – 26OCT13 744 Day 16 74E Day x16

31MAR13 – 05SEP13 74E Day 1 772 Day 456
06SEP13 – 26OCT13 74E Day 1 77W Day 5 772 Day 46 (Previously -300ER to operate Day 56)

Previously reported changes:
Amsterdam – Atlanta Airbus A330-300 operates daily, replaces MD11 in S12
Amsterdam – Cairo Summer 2013 season operates 5 times a week with Boeing 777-200ER (4 weekly in S12)
Amsterdam – Calgary A330-300 operation extended to 12-week period (04JUN13 – 31AUG13) on Day x14, instead of 4-week period (02JUL13 – 03AUG13)
Amsterdam – Cape Town eff 01MAY13 Northern Summer season operates 4 weekly with 777-200ER, reduced from 5 weekly in NW12
Amsterdam – Curacao – Bonaire – Amsterdam 08JUL13 – 19AUG13 KL761 service increases from 1 to 2 weekly. A330-200 continues operation in S13 (Overall service to Curacao is 9 weekly, Bonaire daily)
Amsterdam – Dallas Summer seasonal 5 weekly service begins from 17MAY13, instead of 30APR13
Amsterdam – Delhi eff 06MAY13 Airbus A330-200 replaces MD11, daily service
Amsterdam – Dubai Boeing 777-200ER operates daily, replaces 747-400/A330 in S12
Amsterdam – Fukuoka eff 03APR13 NEW 3 weekly 777-200ER service
Amsterdam – Havana eff 05MAY13 Airbus A330-200 replaces MD11, 3 weekly service (Previously to begin from 01APR13)
Amsterdam – Khartoum – Addis Ababa 3 weekly service cancelled
Amsterdam – Lagos 04JUN13 – 30JUN13 A330-200 operates Day x14, replaces -300 (Previous plan: 2 weekly A330-200 from 05AUG13 to 28AUG13)
Amsterdam – Los Angeles Overall service during peak season will increase from 10 to 11 weekly. KL603/604 operates following frequencies:
06JUN13 – 29JUN13 / 01SEP13 – 29SEP13 3 weekly (Day 467) MD11
30JUN13 – 31AUG13 4 weekly (Day x135) 747-400COMBI

KL601/602 operates with 747-400COMBI (74E) on Day x357 from 31MAR13 to 29JUN13

Amsterdam – Osaka Kansai Capacity increase with Boeing 777-300ER operates up to 6 weekly flights (KIX departs on the following day on mentioned days below)
31MAR13 – 24MAY13 772 Day 37 77W Day x37
eff 25MAY13 772 Day 3 77W Day x3

Amsterdam – Panama City Boeing 777-200ER/-300ER continues to operate in S13, replacing MD11. Operational days revised
31MAR13 – 06JUN13 77W Day 35 772 Day x35
07JUN13 – 26OCT13 77W Day 57 772 Day x57

Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly
Amsterdam – Singapore – Denpasar 777-300ER operates 5 weekly, remaining days by -200ER
Amsterdam – Taipei – Manila Boeing 777-300ER continues to operate in Summer 2013 season (TPE/MNL departs on the following day on mentioned days below)
31MAR13 – 01JUN13 77W Day 16 772 Day x16
02JUN13 – 26OCT13 77W Day 146 772 Day x146

Amsterdam – Tehran eff 08APR13 4 weekly service cancelled
Amsterdam – Toronto Operational aircraft changes on KL695/696 (KL691/692 daily A330-200)
31MAR13 – 29JUN13 332 Day 157 74E Day x157
30JUN13 – 07SEP13 M11 Day 157 74E Day x157
eff 08SEP13 332 Day 157 (Day 15 by MD11 till 13SEP13) 74E Day x157

Amsterdam – Washington Dulles
KL651/652 A330-300 operates Day x14 (replacing -200) from 31MAR13 to 30JUN13 and 01SEP13 – 26OCT13
KL653/654 2 weekly A330-200 service from 30JUN13 to 01SEP13 remains unchanged