AEROFLOT Adjusts Belgrade / Kharkov S13 Operations

As per 13FEB13 GDS timetable and inventory display, AEROFLOT is adjusting planned operation to Belgrade and Kharkov. Details below.

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Belgrade eff 01MAY13 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily
SU2090 SVO1255 – 1310BEG 321 D
SU2092 SVO2130 – 2235BEG 320 D

SU2093 BEG0050 – 0535SVO 320 D (eff 02MAY13)
SU2091 BEG1400 – 1840SVO 321 D

Moscow Shereetyevo – Kharkov Planned 2nd daily service from 01JUN13 is cancelled
SU1810 SVO2245 – 2320HRK SU9 D
SU1811 HRK0600 – 0825SVO SU9 D