Hong Kong Airlines S13 Operation Changes as of 01MAR13

As per 01MAR13 GDS Inventory display, latest changes to Hong Kong Airlines’ Summer 2013 operation, effective 31MAR13, as follow. Additional changes remain possible.

Hong Kong – Bangkok eff 28MAR13 Service increases from 3 to 4 daily, new flight is now open for reservation as HX773/774 (Previously planned as HX779/780)
HX773 HKG0040 – 0230BKK 320 D
HX774 BKK0320 – 0655HKG 320 D

Service from 28MAR13 to 30MAR13 operates as HX6773/6774

Hong Kong – Beijing HX336/337 Airbus A330-300 replaces -200 (Overall 2 daily A330-300 and 1 daily Hong Kong Express A330-200)
Hong Kong – Chengdu 1 daily Airbus A320 continues operation, replacing planned 737-800
Hong Kong – Fuzhou Service increases from 1 to 2 daily (HX145/146; Previously planned as HX175/176)
HX145 HKG1715 – 1850FOC 320 D
HX146 FOC1945 – 2120HKG 320 D

Hong Kong – Haikou Planned Service increases from 1 to 2 daily (HX137/138, HX157/158)
HX137 HKG0900 – 1015HAK 320 x246
HX107 HKG1130 – 1250HAK 320 D
HX157 HKG1810 – 1935HAK 320 246

HX138 HAK1115 – 1230HKG 320 x246
HX108 HAK1340 – 1500HKG 320 D
HX158 HAK2025 – 2140HKG 320 246

HX137/138 remains unavailable for reservation
HX157/158 is only available for reservation on selected days

Hong Kong – Hangzhou
Planned service increase from 1 to 2 daily (New flight HX126/127), new flight unavailable for reservation
HX128/129 operates with Airbus A330-200, replacing Boeing 737-800 (Planned aircraft change remains the same)
HX126 HKG0930 – 1150HGH 320 D
HX128 HKG2105 – 2315HGH 332 D

HX129 HGH0735 – 1015HKG 332 D
HX127 HGH1310 – 1510HKG 320 D

Hong Kong – Kunming Hong Kong Express service replaced by Hong Kong Airlines (HX275/276), A320 operating (replacing previously planned 737-800; HX273/274)
HX277 HKG0905 – 1130KMG 320 D
HX275 HKG1645 – 1915KMG 320 D

HX278 KMG1230 – 1500HKG 320 D
HX276 KMG2015 – 2240HKG 320 D

Hong Kong – Nanjing eff 14MAR13 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily (HX218/219). Schedule below is effective 31MAR13
HX216 HKG1100 – 1255NKG 320 D
HX218 HKG2035 – 2310NKG 320 D

HX219 NKG0825 – 1110HKG 320 D
HX217 NKG1425 – 1700HKG 320 D

Hong Kong – Okinawa Hong Kong Airlines replaces Hong Kong Express 1 daily operation, A330-200 operating
HX658 HKG1110 – 1440OKA 332 D
HX657 OKA1540 – 1730HKG 332 D

Hong Kong – Sanya Service operates 4 weekly
HX191 HKG1810 – 1940SYX 320 x246
HX192 SYX2035 – 2205HKG 320 x246

In GDS, timetable listing displays planned increase from 7 to 11 weekly, instead of 14, however following flights remains unavailable for reservation
HX197 HKG0900 – 1030SYX 320 246
HX195 HKG1930 – 2100SYX 320 x246

HX198 SYX1130 – 1300HKG 320 246
HX196 SYX2200 – 2330HKG 320 x246

Hong Kong – Shanghai Hongqiao Airbus A330-300 replaces -200, 1 daily service
Hong Kong – Shanghai Pu Dong
3rd daily resumes operation (HX258/259), however it’ll be operated by Airbus A330-200 instead of planned Boeing 737-800 (Unchanged)
HX236/237 and HX234/235 has changed from Airbus A330-200 to A330-300
HX236 HKG0820 – 1045PVG 332 D
HX258 HKG1725 – 1950PVG 332 D
HX234 HKG2130 – 2340PVG 332 D

HX235 PVG0810 – 1050HKG 332 D
HX237 PVG1145 – 1430HKG 332 D
HX259 PVG2110 – 2340HKG 332 D

Hong Kong – Taipei Taoyuan Service increases from 3 to 4 daily (New flight HX252/253, instead of HX286/287)
HX252 HKG0935 – 1125TPE 332 D
HX253 TPE1335 – 1530HKG 332 D

Hong Kong – Tokyo Narita Planned service resumption from 01JUL13 is CANCELLED. So far the airline has adjusted its Summer 2013 schedule, therefore reservations on/after 27OCT13 (beginning of Winter season) is still available
Hong Kong – Xiamen eff 15MAY13 Planned NEW 1 Daily service, reservation is not available
HX261 HKG2235 – 2350XMN 320 D
HX262 XMN0830 – 0945HKG 320 D

HX262 begins from 16MAY13. In the GDS, timetable listing displays service to start from 15APR13, however HX’s inventory shows from 15MAY13.

Previously reported changes:
Hong Kong – Kaohsiung 1 daily service cancelled
Hong Kong – Male eff 01MAY13 Planned service resumption with 1 daily A330-200. However reservation remains unavailable

Sister carrier Hong Kong Express (UO) operation in S13 includes following:
Hong Kong – Beijing 1 Daily A330-200
Hong Kong – Nanning 1 Daily A320
Hong Kong – Taichung 2 Daily A320

The airline has phased out Boeing 737-800 aircraft from its operation.