AEROFLOT S13 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 01MAR13

As per 01MAR13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to AEROFLOT’s Summer 2013 long-haul operation changes as follows. Additional changes remain possible:

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Bangkok Airbus A330-300 operates daily from 31MAR13. Previous plan, which no longer valid, as follow

31MAR13 – 12MAY13 Boeing 777-300ER operates daily
eff 13MAY13 Airbus A330-200/-300 operating (A330-200 Day 125 from SVO; A330-300 Day x125 from SVO)

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Beijing
SU200/201 eff 15SEP13 Airbus A330-300 replaces 767-300ER, daily service (SU201 fom 16SEP13; Previously planned to start from 01JUN13)
SU204/205 Planned Boeing 767-300ER replaces A330-300 from 01AUG13 to 10AUG13 (Day x146 from SVO) is cancelled
SU202/203 eff 30AUG13 Extra seasonal 2 weekly flights operating once again with A330-300 (No changes)

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Delhi Airbus A330-300 replaces -200 on Day 57 from SVO, Day 16 from DEL
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Guangzhou
31MAR13 – 15MAY13 Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 767-300ER

Service increase from 3 weekly to following remains unchanged
31MAR13 – 02SEP13 Service increases from 3 to 4 weekly (Day x134 from SVO, Day x245 from CAN)
eff 03SEP13 Service increases to 5 weekly (Day x13 from SVO, Day x24 from CAN)

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Ho Chi Minh Airbus A330-200 operates twice weekly in S13, replaces 767-300ER in S12 (31MAR13 – 10APR13 and 15SEP13 – 26SEP13 operates with 767)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Seoul Incheon A330-300 continues operation (SU briefly planned to operate this route with 777-300ER)
31MAR13 – 14MAY13 5 weekly A330-300
15MAY13 – 26OCT13 1 Daily A330-300 (Previously planned 5 weekly from 01SEP13)

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Shanghai Pu Dong Planned Airbus A330-300 operation on SU206/207, replacing 767-300ER, is cancelled
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tashkent Planned Boeing 767 operation cancelled. A321 continues to operate 5 times a week
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tehran
31MAR13 – 06JUN13 4 weekly A319
07JUN13 – 19JUN13 Service increase to daily with A320 (Previous plan: A321)
eff 20JUN13 1 Daily A321 service (Unchanged)

AEROFLOT in Fall 2013 is introducing Boeing 737-800 aircraft to its operation, including Ulaan Baatar service (See below). Configuration of 737-800 is 20 Business Class and 138 Economy Class

Previously reported Changes:
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Hong Kong 15MAY13 – 31AUG13 Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 777-300ER (First 777-300ER service from SVO to HKG on 31MAR13. From 01SEP13, service operates with 77W)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Los Angeles eff 03JUN13 Service to increase from 5 weekly (Day x24) to 6 weekly (Day x2), Airbus A330-200 operating
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Miami Service converts from winter seasonal to year-round, 2 weekly A330-200 service
Moscow Sheremetyevo – New York JFK eff 31MAR13 Boeing 777-300ER replaces Airbus A330-300 on SU102/103, daily service (SU100/101 remains A330-300)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Toronto eff 01JUN13 Service resumes with Boeing 767-300ER, 3 times a week
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Ulaan Baatar
31MAR13 – 02JUN13 OFF-PEAK season increases from 3 weekly (Day 257 from SVO) to 4 weekly (Day x134), Airbus A320 operating
03JUN13 – 21SEP13 Peak season operation operated by Airbus A320 on daily basis (previously to begin from 17JUN13, with Boeing 767 aircraft)
eff 22SEP13 4 weekly service operated by NEW Boeing 737-800

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Washington Dulles Service increases from 1 weekly (Day 4) to following. Boeing 767-300ER operating
31MAR13 – 30MAY13 2 weekly (Day 14)
eff 03JUN13 3 weekly (Day 146)