Austrian Cancels Altenrhein Operation from late-March 2013

Austrian from 31MAR13 is cancelling Vienna – Altenrhein operation, where it currently operates 15 weekly flights on board Dash8-Q400 aircraft. Current schedule for the month of March 2013 as follow.

OS583 VIE0620 – 0735ACH DH4 x67
OS591 VIE1745 – 1900ACH DH4 D
OS593 VIE1940 – 2050ACH DH4 245

OS584 ACH0630 – 0740VIE DH4 3
OS586 ACH0805 – 0925VIE DH4 x7
OS594 ACH1935 – 2050VIE DH4 D