EVA Air S13 Operation Changes as of 22MAR13

As per 22MAR13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to EVA Air’s Summer 2013 Operation changes, effective 31MAR13, as follow. Additional changes remain possible.

Kaohsiung – Guilin eff 01MAY13 3 weekly MD90 service cancelled
Kaohsiung – Jinan eff 01MAY13 NEW 1 weekly service with UNI AIR MD90
BR786 KHH1535 – 1850TNA M90 3
BR785 TNA1950 – 2300KHH M90 3

Taipei Taoyuan – Jakarta Service operates with A330-200 on daily basis for entier Summer 2013 (In 2012, selected periods reduced to 6 weekly)
Taipei Taoyuan – Kuala Lumpur Operational frequency changes. A330-200 operating
31MAR13 – 03MAY13 6 weekly (Day x7)
04MAY13 – 31MAY13 4 weekly (Day x257)
01JUN13 – 06SEP13 Daily
07SEP13 – 26OCT13 5 weekly (Day x25)

Taipei Taoyuan – Manila Boeing 747-400COMBI continues to operate on daily basis. Previously the airline planned to operate A330-200 on daily basis
Tokyo Narita – Guam Scheduled charter service (previously not covered by Airline Route as service already launched) to operate on following periods in Summer 2013
16MAY13 – 25MAY13 3 weekly (Day 146 from NRT; Day 257 from GUM, operating 19MAY13 – 28MAY13) with A330-200
13JUN13 – 30JUL13 3 weekly A321 service, operational day varies
31JUL13 – 28AUG13 1 Daily A321 service
BR1120 NRT2030 – 0115+1NRT 321 D
BR1119 NRT0505 – 0745NRT 321 D

06SEP13 – 23SEP13 3 weekly A321 service

Previously reported changes:
Kaohsiung – Seoul Incheon eff 06MAY13 NEW 5 weekly service with MD90 aircraft, replacing UNI AIR’s scheduled charter service
Taipei Taoyuan – Asahikawa eff 02MAY13 NEW 3 weekly service with Airbus A330-200 aircraft
Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok Service continues to operate 15 weekly, BR201/202 continues operation on/after 31MAR13 (13 weekly from March to August 2012)
Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok – Vienna eff 02SEP13 Service increases from 3 to 4 weekly, A330-200 operating (Overall service to Bangkok increases to 16 weekly)
Taipei Taoyuan – Hakodate eff 01MAY13 Service increases from 2-3 weekly to 4 weekly on year-round basis with A330-200
Taipei Taoyuan – Los Angeles (Boeing 777-300ER operation) Frequency increases from 14 weekly to following
16MAY13 – 13JUN13 16 weekly
15JUN13 – 26OCT13 17 weekly (16 weekly prior to latest schedule adjustment)

Taipei Taoyuan – Okayama eff 03APR13 NEW 2 weekly Seasonal service with MD90 aircraft (Operating until 30NOV13)
Taipei Taoyuan – Osaka Kansai 27MAR13 – 26MAY13 Boeing 777-300ER replaces A330-200. Selected dates operated by 777-300ER with Royal Laurel Class
Taipei Taoyuan – San Francisco (Boeing 777-300ER operation) Frequency variation
31MAR13 – 14JUN13 10 weekly (Identical to same period in 2012)
16JUN13 – 30JUN13 11 weekly
01JUL13 – 29SEP13 12 weekly (In 2012, 12 weekly flights operated until 11SEP12)
30SEP13 – 26OCT13 11 weekly (Frequency increase from 10 weekly in same period in 2012)

Taipei Taoyuan – Seattle eff 18MAY13 Service increases from 4 weekly to 5 weekly. 5th weekly service to operate on year-round basis. Boeing 747-400 operating (777-300ER to operate on selected service from 17SEP13 to 02OCT13)
Taipei Taoyuan – Sendai eff 06MAY13 Airbus A321 replaces A330-200, 2 weekly service
Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita eff 01JUN13 BR196/195 operated by Airbus A321, replaces A330-200 (BR195 with A321 from 02JUN13)
BR2198 TPE0850 – 1315NRT 332 D
BR196 TPE1450 – 1910NRT 321 D

BR195 NRT1030 – 1305TPE 321 D
BR2197 NRT1415 – 1650TPE 332 D