British Airways S13 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 26MAR13

As per 26MAR13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to British Airways’ Summer 2013 Long-Haul Operation changes as follows. Additional changes remain possible.

London City – Shannon – New York JFK – London City BA003/004 service not operating during following period: 18MAR13 – 13APR13, 03AUG13 – 31AUG13 (Previous plan: 18MAR13 – 16APR13, 31JUL13 – 31AUG13)
London Heathrow – Bangkok Expanded service cancellations from 31MAR13 to 16JUN13. Previously BA planned service reduction on selected dates only:
31MAR13 – 29APR13 6 weekly (Day x2 from LHR, Day x3 from BKK)
30APR13 – 26MAY13 6 weekly (Day x3 from LHR, Day x4 from BKK)
27MAY13 – 16JUN13 / 02SEP13 – 09SEP13 6 weekly (Day x1 from LHR, Day x2 from BKK)

Service also cancelled on following dates: 25JUN13, 17SEP13, 02OCT13, 09OCT13, 21OCT13 (These dates remain unchanged compared to last report)

London Heathrow – Cairo 01JUL13 – 11OCT13 Boeing 767 replaces Airbus A321 (CAI from 02JUL13 to 12OCT13; Previous plan 01JUL13 – 04OCT13)
London Heathrow – Chennai Revised operational frequencies. 777-200ER operating
31MAR13 – 22SEP13 Planned 6th weekly cancelled
24SEP13 – 09OCT13 Service reduce from 5 weekly to 3 weekly (Day 156 from LHR, Day 267 from MAA)
10OCT13 – 26OCT13 Service reduce from 5 weekly to 4 weekly (Day x237 from LHR, Day x134 from MAA)

London Heathrow – Chicago Planned Boeing 747-400 service on BA297/296 from 11APR13 to 16MAY13 on daily basis, cancelled. Boeing 777-200ER continues operating
London Heathrow – Luanda Planned 3rd weekly service (Day 7 from LHR, Day 1 from LAD) cancelled
London Heathrow – New York JFK 31MAR13 – 25APR13 Service reduce from 8 to 7 daily, BA113/114 cancelled (Previous plan: 31MAR13 – 15APR13)
London Heathrow – Philadelphia BA069/068 Planned 777-200ER operation on Day 23, replacing 767-300ER, remains unchanged. However, Day 2 will be operated by 3-class instead of 4-class aircraft
London Heathrow – Tokyo Narita Planned 747-400 service from 29AUG13 to 12SEP13 cancelled. Boeing 777-300ER continues operation

The oneWorld member remains on track to introduce Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 aircraft towards the second-half of Summer 2013 season, planned Boeing 787 destinations and A380 inaugural dates remain subject to change, despite recent rumours.

Previously reported changes:
London Heathrow – Almaty 3 weekly service operates as nonstop service with Boeing 767, replacing 1-stop via Tbilisi A321 operation
London Heathrow – Amman Service increases from daily to 11 weekly
London Heathrow – Beirut Service increases from 7 to 10 weekly (9 weekly until 13APR13)
London Heathrow – Boston Service increases from 3 to 4 daily
London Heathrow – Chengdu eff 22SEP13 NEW 4-class Boeing 777-200ER service, 3 weekly service
London Heathrow – Dar es Salaam 3 weekly Boeing 767 cancelled from 31MAR13
London Heathrow – Delhi
BA257/256 31MAR13 – 23APR13/03MAY13 – 25MAY13 Service reduce from daily to 6 weekly (Overall operation is 13 weekly), 777-200ER operating
BA143/142 Boeing 777-200ER replaces 747-400

London Heathrow – Entebbe Summer 2013 operation operates 3 weekly, reduced from 5 weekly in S12
London Heathrow – Hong Kong BA027/028 operates with Boeing 747-400 instead of 777-300ER (Overall 2 daily 747)
London Heathrow – Houston BA197/196 operates with Boeing 747-400 instead of 777-200ER on following period
07APR13 – 14APR13 Day x17
15APR13 – 21APR13 Day 137
23APR13 – 28APR13 Day x145
30APR13 – 05MAY13 Day x1
07MAY13 – 23MAY13 Day x15
25MAY13 – 30MAY13 Day x5

London Heathrow – Hyderabad Summer operation increases from 5 weekly in S12 to 6 weekly (Day x7 from LHR, Day x1 from HYD; 767 operating)
London Heathrow – Jeddah Service increases from 5 weekly to daily, 767 operating
London Heathrow – Johannesburg eff 29APR13 Service increases from 14 to 17 weekly once again for Northern Summer season, 777-200ER operating on BA033/034 (BA033/034 from 29APR13 to 31MAY13 operates with 747-400 on Day 1 from LHR, Day 2 from JNB)
London Heathrow – Kuwait City Boeing 747-400 service continues operating on/after 31MAR13, replacing 777-200ER in S12
London Heathrow – Los Angeles
BA278/279 operates with Boeing 747-400 instead of 777-300ER (Overall 3 daily 747 in S13)
BA269/268 15OCT13 – 26OCT13 A380 replaces Boeing 747-400 on selected dates

London Heathrow – Mexico City Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly, 747-400 service
London Heathrow – Miami Service reduces from 3 to 2 daily
London Heathrow – Nairobi eff 12MAY13 Service increases from 7 to 8 weekly
London Heathrow – Newark 01JUL13 – 30SEP13 Service reduces from 3 to 2 daily
London Heathrow – Phoenix 7th weekly service introduced during selected period in Winter 2012/13, is maintained on/after 31MAR13
London Heathrow – Rio de Janeiro Planned service increase from 6 weekly (Day x2) to daily, EXCEPT 18SEP13 – 14OCT13
London Heathrow – Shanghai Pu Dong Service increases from 6 weekly to daily (777-300ER operates 5 weekly, -200 2 weekly)
London Heathrow – Singapore – Sydney Boeing 777-300ER replaces 747-400
London Heathrow – Tbilisi 3 weekly Airbus A321 cancelled from 31MAR13
London Heathrow – Tokyo Haneda 29APR13 – 19MAY13 Service reduced from 5 weekly to 3 weekly (4 weekly 20MAY13 – 30MAY13)
London Heathrow – Toronto Service increases from 14 to 17 weekly, additional 3 weekly service operated by Boeing 767
London Heathrow – Vancouver eff 01JUN13 Service increases from daily to 12 weekly once again for Summer season (Previously to start from 01MAY13)
London Gatwick – Antigua – San Juan San Juan service cancelled. BA maintains London – Antigua sector
London Gatwick – Male – Colombo Male – Colombo sector starts from 14APR13, 3 weekly 777-200ER service (Colombo is service resumption)
London Gatwick – Mauritius Operational schedule change. Departure time from both London and Mauritius shifts from night-time to day-time
BA2063 LGW1500 – 0545+1MRU 777 246
BA2062 MRU0800 – 1700LGW 777 357

Paris Orly – Newark 03MAR13 – 30MAR13 BA8001/8002 service cancelled (Overall service reduced to 1 daily)