AEROFLOT W13 Domestic Operation Changes as of 23APR13

As per 23APR13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to AEROFLOT’s planned Winter 2013/14 Domestic operation from 27OCT12 as follow. Planned domestic operation changes from 27OCT13 as follows.

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Abakan Service operates 6 weekly with A319, replacing previously planned A320
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Barnaul Airbus A321 operates daily, replacing previously planned A320 (Latest adjustment is now identical to W12)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Chita Planned 6 weekly AEROFLOT 737-800 service, replacing Vladivostok Air Tu204 operation, is cancelled
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Kazan Winter operation increases from 3 daily in W12 to 5 daily (Previous plan: 4 daily)
SU1292 SVO0640 – 0810KZN 319 D
SU1190 SVO0830 – 1000KZN 320 D
SU1192 SVO1620 – 1750KZN SU9 D
SU1194 SVO1900 – 2040KZN SU9 D
SU1196 SVO2345 – 0115+1KZN 320 D

SU1197 KZN0600 – 0735SVO 320 D
SU1293 KZN0900 – 1030SVO 319 D
SU1191 KZN1050 – 1215SVO 320 D
SU1193 KZN1850 – 2030SVO SU9 D
SU1195 KZN2140 – 2315SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Khabarovsk Planned SU1710/1711 Boeing 777-300ER service temporary removed (service operates 1 daily as a result)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Krasnodar AEROFLOT Mainline operates 7 daily flights (previously planned 6 daily), compared to 5 daily Mainline and 1 daily Donavia in W12
SU1110 SVO0150 – 0410KRR 319 D
SU1284 SVO0620 – 0835KRR 320 D
SU1272 SVO0850 – 1110KRR 320 D
SU1102 SVO1150 – 1410KRR 320 D
SU1104 SVO1555 – 1820KRR 320 D
SU1106 SVO1835 – 2055KRR 320 D
SU1274 SVO2310 – 0135+1KRR 320 D

SU1111 KRR0500 – 0715SVO 319 D
SU1275 KRR0600 – 0815SVO 320 D
SU1285 KRR0925 – 1140SVO 320 D
SU1273 KRR1200 – 1420SVO 320 D
SU1103 KRR1500 – 1715SVO 320 D
SU1105 KRR1910 – 2120SVO 320 D
SU1107 KRR2145 – 2355SVO 320 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Magnitogorsk Airbus A319 aircraft replaces SuperJet, daily operation (Previously planned A320)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Nizhnekamsk Planned service increase from 2 to 3 daily cancelled
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Nizhniy Novgorod Service increases from 4 to 5 daily
SU1228 SVO0705 – 0820GOJ SU9 D
SU1229 GOJ0905 – 1025SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Omsk Planned service increases from 2 to 3 daily cancelled
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airbus A330-300 operates daily, replacing Boeing 777-300ER, for entire W13 season (Previously to operate until 31JAN14)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Samara Service increases from 4 to 5 daily
SU1308 SVO0620 – 0800KUF 319 D
SU1309 KUF0850 – 1030SVO 319 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Yakutsk Service operates 6 weekly instead of planned daily. Boeing 737-800 operating
SU1750 SVO2205 – 1050+1YKS 738 x6
SU1751 YKS1230 – 1340SVO 738 x7

Previously reported changes:
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Adler/Sochi eff 01FEB14 Winter operation increases fro 5 daily to 9 daily, coinciding with Winter Olympics
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Chelyabinsk Service increases from 3 to 4 daily (2 daily A319 + 2 daily A320 service)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Irkutsk Winter operation increases from 2 to 3 daily. Boeing 737-800 to replace A320 on following flights
SU1442/1443 eff 01JAN14 (eff 02JAN14 from IKT)
SU1440/1441 eff 02FEB14 (eff 03FEB14 from IKT)

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Novokuznetsk Airbus A320 replaces A319 on daily basis
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Surgut Winter operation increases from 1 daily in W12 to 2 daily, Airbus A320 operating
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tomsk Airbus A321 operates daily, replacing A320
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Ufa Winter operation increases from 3 daily in W12 to 4 daily, Airbus A320/321 operating

Further changes remain possible in the next few months.