[Update 2] Ethiopian Airlines Shifts Boeing 787 Service to Washington/Toronto from 07MAY13

Second Update at 1930GMT 07MAY13

Ethiopian Airlines on Tuesday 07MAY13 filed last-minute Boeing 787 aircraft operation changes, which sees the Boeing 787 aircraft assigned on Addis Ababa – Washington Dulles route starting tonight (07MAY13), 9 days earlier than planned. Addis Ababa – Toronto will also see the return of Dreamliner service from 10MAY13.

Addis Ababa – Washington Dulles (Outbound via Rome)
ET500 ADD2215 – 0325+1FCO0425+1 – 0830+1IAD 788 D
ET501 IAD1100 – 0730+1ADD 788 D

Addis Ababa – Toronto (Outbound via Rome)
ET502 ADD2240 – 0350+1FCO0450+1 – 0910+1YYZ 788 15
ET503 YYZ1120 – 0730+1ADD 788 26

Boeing 787 operation to Washington operates until 15JUN13 (16JUN13 from IAD). From 16JUN13, Boeing 787 operates Toronto service once a week.

As a result of the last-minute aircraft re-deployment, planned Boeing 787 service to London Heathrow from 08MAY13 to 15JUN13, is cancelled, as Boeing 767-300ER will continue to operate this route. In addition, Addis Ababa – Frankfurt service from 09MAY13 to 15JUN13 will be operated by Boeing 767-300ER, instead of Boeing 787.

Addis Ababa – London Heathrow
ET700 ADD0010 – 0650LHR 763 35
ET700 ADD0035 – 0715LHR 763 67
ET700 ADD0235 – 0915LHR 763 4
ET710 ADD1000 – 1510FCO1610 – 1750LHR 763 1

ET701 LHR2100 – 0700+1ADD 763 x2

Addis Ababa – Frankfurt
ET706 ADD1015 – 1635FRA 763 D
ET707 FRA2205 – 0615+1ADD 763 D

Other Boeing 787 operation changes include:
Addis Ababa – Harare – Lusaka – Addis Ababa 4 weekly from 12MAY13 (instead of 17MAY13)
Addis Ababa – Lusaka – Harare – Addis Ababa 3 weekly from 11MAY13 (instead of 16MAY13)
Addis Ababa – Mumbai Planned Boeing 787 service begins from 16JUN13, instead of 16MAY13

ET also operates up to 2 daily Boeing 787 service on Addis Ababa – Dubai sector.

Planned Boeing 787 Operation Remains subject to change

Original update filed at 1920GMT.