DELTA Expands Los Angeles – San Francisco Bay Area Operation from Sep 2013

DELTA in Fall 2013 continues to expand Los Angeles operation, which sees further expansion of Los Angeles – San Francisco Bay Area operation. Planned increase starting 03SEP13 as follow.

Los Angeles – San Francisco Overall service increases from 11 to 14 daily, including the return of hourly shuttle service at every hour on top of the hour*. In addition, all 14 daily flights will be operated by DELTA Connection carrier Compass Airlines’ Embraer E175 aircraft.
DL5830 LAX0700 – 0825SFO E75 x67
DL5832 LAX0800 – 0924SFO E75 D
DL5834 LAX0900 – 1027SFO E75 D
DL5836 LAX1000 – 1123SFO E75 D
DL5838 LAX1100 – 1222SFO E75 x6
DL5840 LAX1200 – 1324SFO E75 D
DL5842 LAX1300 – 1425SFO E75 D
DL5844 LAX1400 – 1521SFO E75 D
DL5846 LAX1500 – 1621SFO E75 D
DL5848 LAX1600 – 1721SFO E75 D
DL5850 LAX1700 – 1823SFO E75 x6
DL5852 LAX1800 – 1925SFO E75 D
DL5854 LAX1900 – 2021SFO E75 D
DL5856 LAX2100 – 2226SFO E75 D

DL5831 SFO0700 – 0833LAX E75 D
DL5833 SFO0800 – 0928LAX E75 D
DL5835 SFO0900 – 1030LAX E75 x67
DL5837 SFO1000 – 1126LAX E75 D
DL5839 SFO1100 – 1234LAX E75 D
DL5841 SFO1200 – 1326LAX E75 D
DL5843 SFO1300 – 1435LAX E75 x6
DL5845 SFO1400 – 1527LAX E75 D
DL5847 SFO1500 – 1625LAX E75 D
DL5849 SFO1600 – 1728LAX E75 D
DL5851 SFO1700 – 1825LAX E75 D
DL5853 SFO1800 – 1923LAX E75 D
DL5855 SFO1900 – 2028LAX E75 x6
DL5857 SFO2000 – 2137LAX E75 D

* Current schedule sees some flights operating at :05, :25 or :30

Los Angeles – Oakland Service increases from 5 to 7 daily
DL4604 LAX0700 – 0823OAK CR9 D
DL4451 LAX0900 – 1029OAK CR7 D
DL4452 LAX1130 – 1251OAK CR7 D
DL4802 LAX1315 – 1441OAK CR7 D
DL4453 LAX1530 – 1651OAK CR7 D
DL4806 LAX1730 – 1852OAK CR7 D
DL4454 LAX1930 – 2050OAK CR7 D

DL4450 OAK0645 – 0817LAX CR7 D
DL4604 OAK0900 – 1025LAX CR9 D
DL4461 OAK1105 – 1233LAX CR7 D
DL4452 OAK1330 – 1452LAX CR7 D
DL4802 OAK1515 – 1642LAX CR7 D
DL4453 OAK1730 – 1855LAX CR7 D
DL4806 OAK1930 – 2055LAX CR7 D

Los Angeles – San Jose CA Service increases from 4 to 5 daily
DL4832 LAX0700 – 0821SJC CR7 D
DL4516 LAX1100 – 1220SJC CR9 D
DL4607 LAX1415 – 1536SJC CR9 D
DL4698 LAX1645 – 1803SJC CR7 D
DL4708 LAX1950 – 2105SJC CR9 D

DL4739 SJC0620 – 0739LAX CR9 D
DL4832 SJC0855 – 1012LAX CR7 D
DL4516 SJC1300 – 1415LAX CR9 D
DL4607 SJC1610 – 1722LAX CR9 D
DL4698 SJC1840 – 1957LAX CR7 D