Citilink Domestic Service Changes from June 2013

Based on latest schedule published on 12JUN13, Citilink’s latest changes to Domestic Indonesia operation as follow.

Jakarta – Surabaya Service increases from 9 to 12 daily
QG9819 CGK0700 – 0820SUB JET D
QG9825 CGK1040 – 1200SUB JET D
QG9827 CGK1420 – 1540SUB JET D

QG9818 SUB0850 – 1010CGK JET D
QG9824 SUB1230 – 1350CGK JET D
QG9826 SUB1910 – 2030CGK JET D

Following services see reductions or cancellations:
Denpasar – Balikpapan Service reduced from 2 to 1 daily
Surabaya – Balikpapan Service reduced from 5 to 4 daily
Surabaya – Denpasar Service reduced from 5 to 4 daily
Makassar – Ambon 1 daily service cancelled
Makassar – Balikpapan 1 daily service cancelled