British Airways W13 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 28JUN13

As per 28JUN13 GDS timetable/inventory display, latest changes to British Airways’ Winter 2013/14 Long-Haul operation, including mid-haul service to North Africa, as follow. Further changes expected in the coming months.

London Gatwick – Marrakech Service increases from 7 to 10 weekly
BA2668 LGW0645 – 1015RAK 734 3
BA2668 LGW0655 – 1025RAK 734 6
BA2668 LGW1135 – 1505RAK 734 1
BA2666 LGW1215 – 1545RAK 734 x5
BA2666 LGW1410 – 1740RAK 734 5

BA2669 RAK1100 – 1440LGW 734 3
BA2669 RAK1110 – 1450LGW 734 6
BA2669 RAK1550 – 1930LGW 734 1
BA2667 RAK1645 – 2025LGW 734 x5
BA2667 RAK1815 – 2155LGW 734 5

London Heathrow – Amman Service reductions from 11 to 9-10 weekly, pending on selected periods
BA147/146 18JAN14 – 08FEB14 Service reduce from daily to 6 weekly (Day x6)
BA151/150 Service reduced from 4 to 3 weekly on following: 28OCT13 – 23NOV13, 14DEC13 – 02JAN14, 22JAN14 – 18FEB14

London Heathrow – Baku 01FEB14 – 28FEB14 Service reduced from daily to 6 weekly
London Heathrow – Beirut 12JAN14 – 22FEB14 Service reduced from 10 weekly to daily
BA153/152 07FEB14 – 22FEB14 3 weekly service cancelled
BA149/148 12JAN14 – 07FEB14 Service reduced from daily to 4 weekly (Day x247; Day x135 from BEY)

London Heathrow – Delhi BA257/256 sees operational schedule changes, Heathrow departure moving from afternoon to early-evening hours, while Delhi departures moving from early-morning to late-morning
BA143 LHR1145 – 0125+1DEL 744 D
BA257 LHR1930 – 0910+1DEL 744 D

BA142 DEL0330 – 0715LHR 744 D
BA256 DEL1110 – 1455LHR 744 D

From 16DEC13 to 31JAN14, BA257/256 operational schedule is delayed by 75-90 minutes.

London Heathrow – Dubai Winter seasonal 3rd daily service BA105/106 cancelled on following: 10NOV13 – 16NOV13, 12JAN14 – 01FEB14 (LHR departure; DXB departs on following day)

A number of Trans-Atlantic routes sees routine service cut on selected dates, between December 2013 and February 2014. Other long-haul destinations will also see service reductions due to local holidays.

Previously reported changes:
London Heathrow – Bangkok 3-class High-Density Boeing 777-200ER replaces 4-class Boeing 747-400; First Class service eliminated
London Heathrow – Beijing Service increases from 6 weekly to 1 daily, 4-class Boeing 777-200ER replaces 747-400 in W12
London Heathrow – Boston Winter operation increases from 21 weekly in W12 to 24 weekly in W13. BA203/202 operates with 4-class Boeing 777-200ER on Day 136
London Heathrow – Chicago BA297/296 operated by Boeing 747-400, replacing 777-200ER in W12/S13
London Heathrow – Denver Low-Density 3-class Boeing 777-200ER (J62W40Y124) operates on Day 24
London Heathrow – Entebbe Operational day changes from Day 247 (EBB Day 135) to Day 146 (EBB Day 257)
London Heathrow – Freetown – Monrovia Service increases from 3 to 4 weekly, 767-300ER operating
London Heathrow – Hong Kong
BA025/026 eff 15NOV13 Airbus A380 replaces Boeing 747-400
BA027/028 Boeing 777-200ER replaces -300ER on Day x47 (Day x15 from HKG)

London Heathrow – Hyderabad Service to operate 6 weekly with 3-class High-Density Boeing 777-200ER (J48W24Y203), increase from 5 weekly in W12 (6th weekly service added in S13)
London Heathrow – Jeddah Winter service increases from 5 weekly to 6 weekly (Day x4 from LHR, Day x5 from JED), 767-300ER operating
London Heathrow – Johannesburg Northern Winter season to operate 17 weekly, increased from 14 weekly in NW12. BA033/034 to be operated by 747-400, compared to 777-200ER in NS13
London Heathrow – Los Angeles BA269/268 operated by A380 instead of Boeing 747-400 on Day x26
London Heathrow – Miami Service to operate 18 weekly, instead of 21 weekly in W12. BA205/204 operated by 4-class Boeing 777-200ER on Day x147
London Heathrow – Montreal 3-class High-Density Boeing 777-200ER operation maintained in W13 (Daily 767 service in W12)
London Heathrow – Mumbai BA139/138 operated by Boeing 747-400 for entire Winter 2013 season (Previously scheduled to operate until 30NOV13; Overall service 2 daily 747)
London Heathrow – Newark Boeing 787 operates 13 of 20 weekly service (BA189/188, BA187/186)
London Heathrow – Rio de Janeiro Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200ER, daily service
London Heathrow – Seattle Service increases from 7 weekly to 10 weekly, new flights operated by 4-class Boeing 777-200ER
London Heathrow – Shanghai Pu Dong Service increases from 6 weekly to daily. Boeing 777-300ER operates on Day 36 (Day 47 from PVG), instead of -200ER
London Heathrow – Tokyo Haneda Service cancelled from 05JAN14 to 01FEB14 (HND 06JAN14 – 02FEB14; Routine seasonal cancellation)
London Heathrow – Toronto 1 of 2 daily service, BA099/098, operated by Boeing 787-8, replacing 767-300ER

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