Emirates Adds 6th Daily Bangkok Service from late-October 2013

Emirates from 27OCT13 further increases capacity on Dubai – Bangkok service. In addition to the introduction of 2nd daily A380 service, the airline will add overall 6th daily service on this route, on board Boeing 777-200ER aircraft.

EK376 DXB0255 – 1155BKK 77W D
EK384 DXB0305 – 1205BKK 388 D
EK418 DXB0905 – 1805BKK 77W D
EK372 DXB0940 – 1840BKK 388 D
EK370 DXB1520 – 0020+1BKK 772 D
EK374 DXB2310 – 0800+1BKK 773 D

EK385 BKK0105 – 0450DXB 388 D
EK371 BKK0155 – 0545DXB 772 D
EK419 BKK0225 – 0600DXB 77W D
EK375 BKK0935 – 1315DXB 773 D
EK377 BKK1540 – 1930DXB 77W D
EK373 BKK2040 – 0030+1DXB 388 D