WestJet Encore W13 Service Expansions

WestJet on Monday (22JUL13) announced its planned Winter 2013/14 operation, which sees regional unit Encore expanding operations in Western Canada. Planned WestJet Encore service increase in Winter 2013/14 season, effective 27OCT13, as follow.

Routes marked with * are not included in the airline press release.

NEW WestJet Encore service (also new route in WS network):
Regina – Winnipeg eff 15JAN14 NEW 2 daily (1 daily on weekends)
WS3262 YQR0600 – 0711YWG DH4 x7
WS3268 YQR1400 – 1511YWG DH4 x6

WS3269 YWG0745 – 0913YQR DH4 x7
WS3273 YWG1545 – 1713YQR DH4 x6

Saskatoon – Winnipeg eff 15FEB14 NEW 2 daily (1 daily on weekends)
WS3244 YXE0600 – 0729YWG DH4 x7
WS3274 YXE1405 – 1534YWG DH4 x6

WS3275 YWG0800 – 0948YXE DH4 x7
WS3194 YWG1610 – 1758YXE DH4 x6

Vancouver – Kamloops eff 25NOV13 NEW 1 daily
WS3188 YVR0845 – 0946YKA DH4 D
WS3189 YKA1016 – 1107YVR DH4 D

* Vancouver – Terrace eff 25NOV13 NEW 2 daily
WS3105 YVR1140 – 1322YXT DH4 D
WS3107 YVR2130 – 2312YXT DH4 D

WS3114 YXT0600 – 0730YVR DH4 D
WS3106 YXT1355 – 1626YVR DH4 D

WestJet Encore to start operations on following routes, replacing or operating along with Mainline (resulting frequency increase):
* Calgary – Kamloops eff 27OCT13 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily, all service operated by Encore
WS3115 YYC1335 – 1352YKA DH4 D
WS3247 YYC2035 – 2052YKA DH4 D

WS3242 YKA0655 – 0859YYC DH4 D
WS3116 YKA1420 – 1624YYC DH4 D

* Vancouver – Prince George eff 27OCT13 1 of 3 daily service operated by Encore. From 25NOV13, Encore operation increases to 2 daily, overall WS service increases to 4 daily
WS3293 YVR1725 – 1850YXS DH4 D
WS3287 YVR2030 – 2155YXS DH4 x6

WS3290 YXS0655 – 0811YVR DH4 x7
WS3294 YXS1920 – 2036YVR DH4 D

Existing Encore Operation sees frequency increase:
Vancouver – Victoria eff 27OCT13 Service increases from 1 to 3 daily
WS3279 YVR0910 – 0944YYJ DH4 D
WS3183 YVR1800 – 1834YYJ DH4 D
WS3185 YVR2025 – 2059YYJ DH4 D

WS3102 YYJ0715 – 0743YVR DH4 D
WS3182 YYJ1615 – 1643YVR DH4 D
WS3184 YYJ1900 – 1928YVR DH4 D

* Edmonton – Calgary eff 15DEC13 Service increases from 4 to 5 daily (Overall WS service increases from 8 to 9 daily)
WS3251 YEG1050 – 1141YYC DH4 D
WS3207 YEG1620 – 1710YYC DH4 D
WS3259 YEG1710 – 1800YYC DH4 D
WS3288 YEG2210 – 2201YYC DH4 D
WS3292 YEG2245 – 2336YYC DH4 D

WS3250 YYC0600 – 0653YEG DH4 D
WS3270 YYC0750 – 0843YEG DH4 D
WS3252 YYC1220 – 1313YEG DH4 D
WS3243 YYC1455 – 1548YEG DH4 D
WS3291 YYC1745 – 1838YEG DH4 D

* Edmonton – Regina eff 15DEC13 Service increases from 1 to 3 daily (2 of 3 daily operated by Encore from 15DEC13, 3 daily by Encore from 15JAN14)
WS3212 YEG0915 – 1143YQR DH4 D
WS3268 YEG1100 – 1328YQR DH4 D
WS3272 YEG1645 – 1913YQR DH4 D

WS3269 YQR0945 – 1023YEG DH4 D
WS3271 YQR1220 – 1258YEG DH4 D
WS3205 YQR1945 – 2023YEG DH4 D

WS3212/3205 begins from 15DEC13

* Edmonton – Saskatoon eff 15FEB14 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily
WS3274 YEG1120 – 1332YXE DH4 D
WS3276 YEG1920 – 2132YXE DH4 D

WS3275 YXE1020 – 1038YEG DH4 D
WS3277 YXE1828 – 1845YEG DH4 D

* Calgary – Regina eff 14JAN14 Encore operation increases from 1 to 2 daily. Overall service increases from 5 to 6 daily as a result
WS3296 YYC0815 – 1045YQR DH4 D
WS3264 YYC1905 – 2135YQR DH4 D

WS3289 YQR1115 – 1150YYC DH4 D
WS3273 YQR1745 – 1820YYC DH4 D

WS3264/3273 begins from 14JAN14

WestJet Encore also operates:
1 daily Calgary – Brandon
1 daily Calgary – Fort St. John
1 daily Calgary – Grande Prairie (Overall WS service increases from 1 to 2 daily with additional daily Mainline service)
1 daily Calgary – Nanaimo
1 daily Calgary – Saskatoon
3 daily Edmonton – Grande Prairie
1 daily Vancouver – Fort St. John