SAS Plans Final Boeing 737-400/-500 Service in December 2013: Update as of 16OCT13

SAS is continuing its fleet replacement as the Star Alliance member prepares to phase out Boeing 737-400/-500 (737 Classic) aircraft. As of 16OCT13, last Boeing 737 Classic operational flight is scheduled on 20DEC13, nearly 8 weeks after final flight of its MD80 Series aircraft.

In December 2013, SAS’ planned last Boeing 737-400/-500 operation is scheduled on following routes, as of 16OCT13 based on GDS inventory display and OAG Schedules Analyser. However, specified dates, routes and flight numbers remain subject to change. It is possible that the airline may operate 737 Classic aircraft on temporary basis after 20DEC13.

737-400 (150 seats)
01DEC13 Oslo – Paris CDG SK837/834
03DEC13 Stavanger – London Heathrow SK4627/4628
04DEC13 Stavanger – Trondheim SK4480 (One-way)
05DEC13 Oslo – Kristiansand SK221/222
08DEC13 Oslo – Manchester SK4609/4608
12DEC13 Oslo – Harstad/Narvik Evenes SK4082/4083
13DEC13 Oslo – Dusseldorf SK818/819
15DEC13 Oslo – Haugesund SK316/319
16DEC13 Oslo – Tromso SK4409 (Oslo departure on 15DEC13 as SK4434)
16DEC13 Tromso – Alta SK4409 (Oslo departure on 15DEC13 as SK4434)
17DEC13 Oslo – London Heathrow SK803/804
17DEC13 Stavanger – Aberdeen SK4615/4616
18DEC13 Oslo – Bodo SK4116/SK4117
19DEC13 Oslo – Stavanger SK4004 (Oslo departure on 18DEC13 as SK4017)
19DEC13 Oslo – Trondheim SK366/379
20DEC13 Oslo – Stockholm SK488/493 (4 737-400 service on 20DEC13)
SK488 OSL1705 – 1805ARN 734
SK493 ARN1835 – 1935OSL 734

737-500 (120 seats)
09DEC13 Oslo – Frankfurt SK4757/4758
11DEC13 Oslo – Kristiansund SK2301/2304
13DEC13 Oslo – Bodo SK4122/4123 (2 737-500 service on 13DEC13)
16DEC13 Oslo – Haugesund SK316/319 (2 737-500 service on 16DEC13)
16DEC13 Oslo – Trondheim SK380/385 (2 737-500 service on 16DEC13)
17DEC13 Oslo – Tromso SK4416/4417
17DEC13 Oslo – Zurich SK841/842
18DEC13 Oslo – Bergen SK281/286 (2 737-500 service on 18DEC13)
18DEC13 Oslo – Stavanger SK4023/4032
19DEC13 Oslo – Manchester SK4609/4608
19DEC13 Oslo – Paris CDG SK839/836
20DEC13 Oslo – Copenhagen SK1471/1468
SK1471 OSL1510 – 1620CPH 735
SK1468 CPH1700 – 1815OSL 735