Update as of 31OCT13: DELTA Planned Boeing 737-900ER Operation from Nov 2013

DELTA has further revised planned Boeing 737-900ER operation for Winter 2013/14 season, which sees the new Boeing aircraft to operate service starting from 01NOV13. The latest update sees additional citypairs to be operated by 737-900ER from late-November 2013.

One-off service on 01NOV13:
Detroit – Miami

eff 03NOV13
Atlanta – Detroit (ATL departure from 01NOV13; DTW departure from 08NOV13)
Atlanta – Los Angeles (ATL departure from 07NOV13)
Atlanta – San Francisco (SFO departure from 05NOV13)
Detroit – Los Angeles
Detroit – San Francisco (DTW departure from 04NOV13)

eff 04NOV13
Atlanta – Tampa (TPA departure from 05NOV13)

eff 22NOV13
Atlanta – Seattle

eff 03DEC13
Atlanta – Salt Lake City 1 weekly until 31DEC13

eff 04DEC13
Los Angeles – Salt Lake City

eff 19DEC13
Atlanta – Ft. Lauderdale (FLL departure from 20DEC13)
Atlanta – Orlando (MCO departure from 20DEC13)

eff 06JAN14
Atlanta – San Diego

In December 2013, DELTA is to operate several one-off service with Boeing 737-900ER on following route:
Atlanta – Portland OR
Atlanta – San Diego
Detroit – Las Vegas
Detroit – Minneapolis
Detroit – Salt Lake City (19DEC13 – 04JAN14)
Detroit – San Diego (19DEC13 – 04JAN14)
Detroit – Seattle (19DEC13 – 05JAN14)
Los Angeles – Minneapolis (20DEC13 – 05JAN14)
Los Angeles – Orlando
Minneapolis – Salt Lake City
Minneapolis – Seattle
Orlando – Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City – Las Vegas
Salt Lake City – San Diego
Salt Lake City – Seattle

Planned Boeing 737-900ER operation remains subject to change.