UNI Air Begins ATR72 Service to Matzu Nangan from December 2013

UNI Air on 01DEC13 launched new ATR72-600 service on its key Taipei Song Shan – Matzu Nangan route, which will gradually replace Dash8-300 aircraft in the next few months. The ATR72 turboprop initially to operate 3 times a week, out of 45 weekly flights.

B7301 TSA0640 – 0730LZN AT7 357
B7301 TSA0640 – 0730LZN DH3 x357
B7305 TSA0920 – 1010LZN DH3 D
B7307 TSA0955 – 1045LZN DH3 D
B7309 TSA1040 – 1130LZN DH3 24
B7309 TSA1210 – 1300LZN DH3 x24
B73109 TSA1310 – 1400LZN DH3 246
B7317 TSA1500 – 1550LZN DH3 D
B7319 TSA1600 – 1650LZN DH3 D

B7302 LZN0800 – 0850TSA AT7 357
B7302 LZN0800 – 0850TSA DH3 x357
B7306 LZN1040 – 1130TSA DH3 D
B73110 LZN1140 – 1230TSA DH3 246
B7310 LZN1210 – 1300TSA DH3 24
B7310 LZN1330 – 1420TSA DH3 x24
B7316 LZN1440 – 1530TSA DH3 D
B7318 LZN1620 – 1710TSA DH3 D
B7320 LZN1720 – 1810TSA DH3 D