Firefly Increases Alor Setar / Johor Bahru Service from mid-December 2013

Firefly from 16DEC13 is increasing operations to Alor Setar and Johor Bahru, with additional 5-7 weekly flights being added. Planned schedule as follow.

Kuala Lumpur Subang – Alor Setar Increase from 20 to 25 weekly
FY2168 SZB0705 – 0815AOR AT7 x6
FY2178 SZB1005 – 1105AOR AT7 246
FY2178 SZB1010 – 1110AOR AT7 x246
FY2160 SZB1415 – 1525AOR AT7 24
FY2170 SZB1715 – 1825AOR AT7 567
FY2172 SZB1900 – 2010AOR AT7 x6

FY2169 AOR0835 – 0945SZB AT7 x6
FY2179 AOR1135 – 1245SZB AT7 246
FY2179 AOR1140 – 1250SZB AT7 x246
FY2161 AOR1545 – 1655SZB AT7 24
FY2171 AOR1845 – 1955SZB AT7 567
FY2173 AOR2030 – 2140SZB AT7 x6

Kuala Lumpur Subang – Johor Bahru Increase from 34 to 41 weekly
FY2141 SZB0710 – 0810JHB AT7 x67
FY2147 SZB0850 – 0950JHB AT7 7
FY2143 SZB1035 – 1135JHB AT7 x6
FY2155 SZB1355 – 1455JHB AT7 246
FY2157 SZB1500 – 1600JHB AT7 D
FY2149 SZB1720 – 1820JHB AT7 x6
FY2151 SZB1850 – 1950JHB AT7 D
FY2153 SZB2030 – 2130JHB AT7 x6

FY2140 JHB0830 – 0930SZB AT7 x67
FY2152 JHB1020 – 1120SZB AT7 124
FY2142 JHB1100 – 1200SZB AT7 6
FY2142 JHB1155 – 1255SZB AT7 x6
FY2146 JHB1330 – 1430SZB AT7 357
FY2154 JHB1515 – 1615SZB AT7 246
FY2156 JHB1620 – 1720SZB AT7 D
FY2148 JHB1840 – 1940SZB AT7 x6
FY2150 JHB2010 – 2110SZB AT7 D

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