DELTA Expands Dallas Love Field Service from mid-October 2014

DELTA from 13OCT14 is expanding operations at Dallas Love Field, with the launch of 4 new routes to Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and New York La Guardia. The Skyteam member will also increase capacity on flights to/from Atlanta.

Schedules listed below is effective 13OCT14. Flights marked with * begins from 14OCT14.

Dallas Love Field – Detroit 3 daily
*DL3335 DAL0745 – 1120DTW CR9 D
DL3283 DAL1105 – 1440DTW CR9 D
DL3292 DAL1725 – 2100DTW CR9 D

DL3283 DTW0840 – 1030DAL CR9 D
DL3473 DTW1550 – 1740DAL CR9 D
DL3369 DTW1945 – 2135DAL CR9 D

Dallas Love Field – Los Angeles 5 daily
*DL5767 DAL0700 – 0820LAX E75 D
*DL5769 DAL0900 – 1020LAX E75 D
DL5724 DAL1235 – 1355LAX E75 D
DL5726 DAL1500 – 1620LAX E75 D
DL5731 DAL1735 – 1855LAX E75 D

DL5724 LAX0700 – 1200DAL E75 D
DL5726 LAX0930 – 1430DAL E75 D
DL5731 LAX1200 – 1700DAL E75 D
DL5746 LAX1500 – 1950DAL E75 D
DL5754 LAX1730 – 2230DAL E75 D

Dallas Love Field – Minneapolis 3 daily
*DL3393 DAL0615 – 0830MSP CR9 D
DL3395 DAL1200 – 1430MSP CR9 D
DL3396 DAL1815 – 2035MSP CR9 D

DL3395 MSP0900 – 1120DAL CR9 D
DL3396 MSP1415 – 1635DAL CR9 D
DL3397 MSP1745 – 2005DAL CR9 D

Dallas Love Field – New York La Guardia 5 daily
*DL7331 DAL0715 – 1130LGA E75 D
DL7301 DAL1020 – 1435LGA E75 D
DL7302 DAL1300 – 1715LGA E75 D
DL7319 DAL1530 – 1945LGA E75 D
DL7323 DAL1730 – 2145LGA E75 D

DL7301 LGA0700 – 0950DAL E75 D
DL7302 LGA0930 – 1220DAL E75 D
DL7319 LGA1210 – 1500DAL E75 D
DL7323 LGA1410 – 1700DAL E75 D
DL7330 LGA1755 – 2045DAL E75 D

Dallas Love Field – Atlanta DELTA will increase from 5 to 6 daily, while operational aircraft switches from CRJ200 to Boeing 717
*DL2410 DAL0600 – 0905ATL 717 D
DL2428 DAL1005 – 1305ATL 717 D
DL2436 DAL1235 – 1535ATL 717 D
DL2445 DAL1425 – 1725ATL 717 D
DL2463 DAL1630 – 1930ATL 717 D
DL2485 DAL1850 – 2150ATL 717 D

DL2428 ATL0810 – 0930DAL 717 D
DL2436 ATL1040 – 1200DAL 717 D
DL2445 ATL1230 – 1350DAL 717 D
DL2463 ATL1435 – 1555DAL 717 D
DL2485 ATL1655 – 1815DAL 717 D
DL2409 ATL1945 – 2105DAL 717 D