American Airlines / US Airways to Launch Codeshare Service from 23JAN14

American Airlines and US Airways starting 23JAN14 begins reciprocal codeshare operation, which initially covers over 50 routes. Initially service connects between the carrier’s hubs will see both AA and US codes, as well as AA selected domestic service. Internationally, codeshare operation covers Costa Rica, American Airlines’ service to Germany and selected flights to Japan, and US Airways European service from Philadelphia. Reservations for these codeshare routes opened on Sunday 12JAN14.

Planned codeshare routes as follow.

American Airlines operated by US Airways
Charlotte – Chicago O’Hare
Charlotte – Dallas/Ft. Worth
Charlotte – Miami
Charlotte – New York JFK
Charlotte – New York La Guardia
Charlotte – Phoenix
Charlotte – San Jose Costa Rica
Philadelphia – Amsterdam
Philadelphia – Brussels
Philadelphia – Chicago O’Hare
Philadelphia – Dallas/Ft. Worth
Philadelphia – Miami
Phoenix – Charlotte
Phoenix – Chicago O’Hare
Phoenix – Dallas/Ft. Worth
Phoenix – Los Angeles
Phoenix – New York JFK
Phoenix – San Jose Costa Rica

US Airways operated by American Airlines
Chicago O’Hare – Cedar Rapids
Chicago O’Hare – Charlotte
Chicago O’Hare – Dusseldorf
Chicago O’Hare – Fargo
Chicago O’Hare – Ft. Wayne
Chicago O’Hare – Green Bay
Chicago O’Hare – Madison
Chicago O’Hare – Moline
Chicago O’Hare – Oklahoma City
Chicago O’Hare – Peoria
Chicago O’Hare – Philadelphia
Chicago O’Hare – Phoenix
Chicago O’Hare – Sioux Falls
Chicago O’Hare – Springfield MO
Chicago O’Hare – Tokyo Narita
Chicago O’Hare – Traverse City
Chicago O’Hare – Tulsa
Chicago O’Hare – Wichita
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Cedar Rapids
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Charlotte
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Colorado Springs
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Fargo
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Frankfurt
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Ft. Wayne
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Grand Rapids
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Gunnison
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Hayden
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Madison
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Moline
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Montrose
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Oklahoma City
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Peoria
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Philadelphia
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Phoenix
Dallas/Ft. Worth – San Jose Costa Rica
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Sioux Falls
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Springfield MO
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Tulsa
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Vail/Eagle
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Wichita
Los Angeles – Oklahoma City
Miami – Charlotte
Miami – Philadelphia
Miami – San Jose Cost Rica
New York JFK – San Jose Costa Rica
New York JFK – Washington Reagan
New York La Guardia – Charlotte

Operational flight numbers and codeshare flight numbers will be identical on Mainline routes, such as American Airlines Chicago to Tokyo AA153, displays US Airways US153; US Airways Charlotte to Miami US2079, displays American Airlines AA2079. On flight operated by non-mainline carriers, flight number range varies.