Iran Air Ends Boeing 747-100 Scheduled Operation in Dec 2013

Iran Air, according to several sources, has removed its sole Boeing 747-100 aircraft from scheduled operation, after 35 years of service. According to OAG Schedules Analyser, the world’s only active 747-100 aircraft operated Tehran Mehrabad – Mashad route on 30DEC13 and 31DEC13.

IR460 THR2310 – 0040+1MHD 747 30DEC13
IR460 THR2125 – 2250MHD 747 31DEC13

IR461 MHD2125 – 2250MHD 747 30DEC13/31DEC13

The 747-100 aircraft occasionally operated as substitute aircraft for 747SP flight prior to retirement from scheduled service.

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