Malindo Air Expands ATR72 Domestic Operations from January 2014

Malindo Air is expanding Domestic Turboprop operations, which sees additional daily service being added on following markets.

eff 19JAN14 Kuala Lumpur Subang – Alor Setar Increase form 2 to 3 daily
OD1502 SZB1000 – 1100AOR AT7 D
OD1506 SZB1300 – 1410AOR AT7 D
OD1504 SZB1850 – 2000AOR AT7 D

OD1501 AOR1130 – 1240SZB AT7 D
OD1505 AOR1430 – 1540SZB AT7 D
OD1503 AOR2020 – 2130SZB AT7 D

eff 19JAN14 Kuala Lumpur Subang – Johor Bahru Increase from 3 to 4 daily
OD1201 SZB0715 – 0815JHB AT7 D
OD1215 SZB0745 – 0845JHB AT7 D
OD1213 SZB1650 – 1750JHB AT7 D
OD1217 SZB2025 – 2125JHB AT7 D

OD1202 JHB0835 – 0935SZB AT7 D
OD1216 JHB0905 – 1005SZB AT7 D
OD1214 JHB1810 – 1910SZB AT7 D
OD1218 JHB2145 – 2245SZB AT7 D

eff 19JAN14 Kuala Lumpur Subang – Kota Bharu Increase from 4 to 5 daily
OD1232 SZB0950 – 1055KBR AT7 D
OD1244 SZB1040 – 1145KBR AT7 D
OD1234 SZB1245 – 1350KBR AT7 D
OD1236 SZB1825 – 1930KBR AT7 D
OD1242 SZB2120 – 2225KBR AT7 D

OD1233 KBR1115 – 1220SZB AT7 D
OD1243 KBR1205 – 1310SZB AT7 D
OD1235 KBR1410 – 1515SZB AT7 D
OD1237 KBR1950 – 2055SZB AT7 D
OD1241 KBR2250 – 2355SZB AT7 D

eff 27JAN14 Penang – Langkawi NEW 1 daily service
OD1702 PEN1145 – 1220LGK AT7 D
OD1701 LGK1240 – 1315PEN AT7 D

The airline has increased Kuala Lumpur Subang – Langkawi service from 1 to 2 daily on 09JAN14.