Air China / Hawaiian Airlines Plans Codeshare Service from Feb 2014

Air China and Hawaiian Airlines plans to launch reciprocal codeshare service, as early as 15FEB14, subject to US Department of Transportation’s approval. Based on the application filed on 22JAN14, planned codeshare routes as follow.

Air China operated by Hawaiian Airlines (CA6940 – 6999 Series)
^Honolulu – Beijing
*Honolulu – Hilo
*Honolulu – Kahului
*Honolulu – Kona
*Honolulu – Lihue
Honolulu – Las Vegas
Honolulu – Los Angeles
Honolulu – New York JFK
Honolulu – San Francisco
Honolulu – Seattle

Hawaiian Airlines operated by Air China (HA3800 – 3899 Series)
Beijing – Chengdu
Beijing – Chongqing
^Beijing – Guangzhou
^Beijing – Hangzhou
Beijing – Harbin
*Beijing – Honolulu
^Beijing – Shanghai Hongqiao
^Beijing – Shenyang
Beijing – Shenzhen
Beijing – Xiamen

* Codeshare service to be implemented upon approval
^ to be implemented from April 2014
The remainder of codeshare routes will begin from July 2014