BQB Airlines Adds Sao Paulo Service from late-Feb 2014; Outlines Initial World Cup Operations

Uruguay’s BQB Airlines from late-February 2014 begins operation to Sao Paulo, after several weeks of delay. Planned operation as follow.

Montevideo – Sao Paulo Guarulhos Service begins from 18FEB14, instead of planned 02DEC13
5Q618 MVD2200 – 0105+1GRU ATR x6
5Q619 GRU0200 – 0705MVD ATR x7

From 03MAY14, the airline revises operational schedule, while introduces Airbus A319 aircraft to this route
5Q612 MVD1050 – 1320GRU 319 x367
5Q618 MVD2200 – 0205+1GRU ATR 37

5Q619 GRU0300 – 0705MVD ATR 14
5Q613 GRU1455 – 1725MVD 319 x367

It will operate up to 10-14 weekly during World Cup.

The carrier also released initial operations during World Cup in June and July 2014, which sees following operation.

Limited Time Service:
Montevideo – Belo Horizonte
5Q6017 MVD0030 – 0655CNF ATR 21JUN14
5Q6019 MVD0740 – 1030CNF 319 21JUN14
5Q6079 MVD0400 – 1030CNF ATR 08JUL14
5Q6081 MVD0430 – 1100CNF ATR 08JUL14
5Q6083 MVD1030 – 1335CNF 319 08JUL14

5Q6018 CNF0100 – 0730MVD ATR 22JUN14
5Q6020 CNF0130 – 0500MVD 319 22JUN14
5Q6080 CNF2230 – 0500+1MVD ATR 08JUL14
5Q6084 CNF2300 – 0220+1MVD 319 08JUL14
5Q6082 CNF2330 – 0600+1MVD ATR 08JUL14

Montevideo – Brasilia
5Q6089 MVD0215 – 0945BSB ATR 12JUL14
5Q6090 BSB2055 – 0415+1MVD ATR 12JUL14

Montevideo – Natal
5Q6033 MVD0415 – 1005NAT 319 24JUN14
5Q6034 NAT1930 – 0140+1MVD 319 24JUN14

Montevideo – Sao Paulo Viracopos
5Q6180 MVD2230 – 0235+1VCP ATR 18JUN14
5Q6019 MVD0700 – 1105VCP ATR 19JUN14
5Q6015 MVD0750 – 1020VCP 319 19JUN14
5Q6180 MVD2230 – 0235+1VCP ATR 19JUN14
5Q6085 MVD0620 – 1030VCP ATR 09JUL14
5Q6087 MVD1020 – 1250VCP 319 09JUL14
5Q6380 MVD2150 – 0200+1VCP ATR 09JUL14

5Q6190 VCP0330 – 0735MVD ATR 19JUN14
5Q6016 VCP2220 – 0050+1MVD 319 19JUN14
5Q6020 VCP2350 – 0400+1MVD ATR 19JUN14
5Q6190 VCP0330 – 0735MVD ATR 20JUN14
5Q6086 VCP2350 – 0415+1MVD ATR 09JUL14
5Q6088 VCP0045 – 0315MVD 319 10JUL14
5Q6390 VCP0250 – 0720MVD ATR 10JUL14

Santiago de Chile – Cuiaba
5Q6002 SCL0740 – 1300CGB 319 13JUN14
5Q6003 CGB2320 – 0250+1SCL 319 13JUN14

Santiago de Chile – Sao Paulo Viracopos
5Q6023 SCL0030 – 0550VCP 319 23JUN14
5Q6024 VCP2030 – 0010+1SCL 319 23JUN14

Extra flights to be operated on following routes:
Montevideo – Porto Alegre
5Q6209 MVD0730 – 0915POA ATR 25JUN14
5Q6037 MVD0745 – 0930POA ATR 25JUN14

5Q6210 POA1915 – 2100MVD ATR 25JUN14
5Q6038 POA1945 – 2130MVD ATR 25JUN14

Montevideo – Rio de Janeiro
5Q6010 MVD1115 – 1400GIG 319 15JUN14
5Q6095 MVD0815 – 1100GIG 319 13JUL14

5Q6011 GIG0200 – 0445MVD 319 16JUN14
5Q6096 GIG2345 – 0230+1MVD 319 13JUL14

Montevideo – Sao Paulo Guarulhos
5Q6616 MVD2130 – 0135+1GRU ATR 08JUL14/09JUL14
5Q6617 GRU0230 – 0635MVD ATR 09JUL14/10JUL14