THAI S14 Operation Changes as of 14FEB14

As per 14FEB14 GDS timetable/inventory display, additional changes to THAI’s Summer 2014 International Operation from 30MAR14, as follow. Additional changes remain highly possible in the coming weeks.

Bangkok – Brisbane 05MAY14 – 28MAY14 Service reduce from daily to 5 weekly (Day x13), Boeing 777-300ER operating
Bangkok – Brussels
29APR14 – 21JUN14 / 01SEP14 – 25OCT14 Service reduce from 4 weekly (Day x135) to 3 weekly (Day 246)
29JUN14 – 31AUG14 Day 7 service operates with 777-300ER, replaces -200ER (Overall 4 weekly 777-300ER)

Bangkok – Denpasar 30MAY14 – 05OCT14 Service increases from 5 weekly (Day x24) to daily, A330-300 service
Bangkok – Hong Kong TG600/601 continues to display Boeing 747 operation on/after 30MAR14
Bangkok – Jakarta eff 01JUL14 Planned 2nd daily TG435/436, which appeared in the GDS in late-January 2014, remains unavailable for reservation
TG433 BKK0800 – 1135CGK 777 D
TG435 BKK1425 – 1800CGK 330 D

TG434 CGK1235 – 1605BKK 777 D
TG436 CGK1900 – 2230BKK 330 D

Bangkok – London Heathrow 01MAY14 – 22MAY14 / 10JUN14 – 02JUL14 Service reduce from 14 to 12 weekly (TG916/917 reduce to 5 weekly)
Bangkok – Osaka Kansai eff 21APR14 Reduce from 17 to 14 weekly (Previously planned from 30MAR14)
Bangkok – Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles 4 weekly service operated by 777-200ER, replacing -300ER
Bangkok – Singapore Overall service reduced from 31 weekly to 21 weekly (28 weekly from 01JUL14)
Bangkok – Sydney
30MAR14 – 16JUN14 Service reduce from 12 to 11 weekly
TG472 (from SYD) operational schedule changes also in effect from 30MAR14

TG472 SYD2045 – 0305+1BKK 747

Bangkok – Tokyo Haneda 30MAR14 – 31JUL14 NEW 2nd daily service, on board Boeing 747-400 (Schedule on/after 01AUG14 is currently not available and not open for reservation)
TG660 BKK1300 – 2110HND 744 D
TG682 BKK2245 – 0655+1HND 744 D

TG661 HND0020 – 0450BKK 744 D
TG683 HND1035 – 1505BKK 744 D

Planned service transfer to THAI Smile on following routes has been cancelled:
Bangkok – Kolkata 1 Daily A330-300 continues operation
TG313 BKK2345 – 0045+1CCU 330 D
TG314 CCU0200 – 0610BKK 330 D

Bangkok – Xiamen Overall service continues to display increase from 3 to 5 weekly
TG610 BKK1035 – 1500XMN 333 x137
TG610 BKK1445 – 1910XMN 333 7

TG611 XMN1605 – 1825BKK 333 x137
TG611 XMN2005 – 2225BKK 333 7

Boeing 787
On 03FEEB14, Airline Route first reported THAI’s proposed Boeing 787 operation. Proposed Boeing 787 operational schedule on following routes continues to appear in OAG for the second week
Bangkok – Perth effective 01JUL14
Bangkok – Tokyo Haneda TG682/683 effective 01AUG14

Despite claims that the airline has confirmed both routes via other media reports, Boeing 787 schedule is still not appearing in the GDS.

Previously reported changes:
Bangkok – Beijing TG614/615 Boeing 777-300ER replaces 747-400, daily service (Overall 2 daily)
Bangkok – Colombo THAI Smile operation reduced from planned daily to 6 weekly (Day x1) during following period: 05MAY14 to 01JUN14, 01SEP14 to 05OCT14
Bangkok – Delhi 5 of 12 weekly service transfers to THAI Smile
TG2923 BKK0005 – 0305DEL 320 x37
TG315 BKK1755 – 2055DEL 747 D

TG2924 DEL0425 – 1020BKK 320 x37
TG316 DEL2330 – 0525+1BKK 747 D

Bangkok – Hyderabad Increase from 4 to 5 weekly. Note this service has been transferred to THAI Smile since 18JAN14, previously not reported on Airline Route
TG2925 BKK2210 – 0010+1HYD 320 x24
TG2926 HYD0110 – 0615BKK 320 x35

Bangkok – Luang Prabang THAI Smile service converted to Winter seasonal flight. Service cancelled from 30MAR14 to 25OCT14
Bangkok – Melbourne TG461/462 Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200ER (Overall 2 daily)
Bangkok – Osaka Kansai Service reduce from 17 to 14 weekly (Reservation for A380 TG622/623 service on/after 30MAR14 opened on 30JAN14)
Bangkok – Paris CDG 14MAY14 – 25JUN14 Service reduce from daily to 6 weekly, A380 operating (Day 3 cancelled)
Bangkok – Phnom Penh 2 daily service transfers to THAI Smile, A320 replaces Boeing 737-400
Bangkok – Sapporo 04JUN14 – 27JUN14 Reduce from 7 to 5 weekly, 777-300 operating
Bangkok – Sendai Service converted from planned year-round to Winter only. Winter season operation is now scheduled to operate until 18APR14, 3 times a week (Except 31MAR14 – 07APR14)
Bangkok – Tokyo Narita
TG640/641 eff 30MAR14 Boeing 747-400 replaces Airbus A380
TG642/643 30MAR14 – 31JUL14 Airbus A330-300 replaces A340-600 eff 01AUG14 Boeing 747-400 replaces A340-600

Bangkok – Vientiane eff 01SEP14 2 daily service transfers to THAI Smile, A320 replaces Boeing 737-400
Bangkok – Yangon TG301/302 01OCT14 – 25OCT14 Airbus A330-300 replaces 737-400, daily service