US Airways Opens Reservation for New Domestic Routes from Philadelphia / Charlotte in S14

US Airways in the early-morning hours on Saturday (08MAR14) opened reservation for planned 5 domestic routes in Summer 2014. From Philadelphia, the airline plans 24 weekly to Charleston SC, 3 daily to Lexington and 3 daily to Memphis, starting 05JUN14. From 02JUL14, it’ll begin service from Charlotte to Oklahoma City and Tulsa, 2 daily each.

Effective 05JUN14
Philadelphia – Charleston SC
US4013 PHL0745 – 0941CHS CRJ 67
US3271 PHL0950 – 1157CHS E75 D
US4688 PHL1125 – 1315CHS CRJ 6
US3964 PHL1338 – 1527CHS CRJ D
US3291 PHL1949 – 2141CHS E75 D

US3308 CHS0647 – 0835PHL E75 D
US4013 CHS1010 – 1154PHL CRJ 67
US3241 CHS1235 – 1422PHL E75 D
US4660 CHS1315 – 1505PHL CRJ 6
US3964 CHS1532 – 1714PHL CRJ D

Philadelphia – Lexington
US3877 PHL0925 – 1112LEX CRJ D
US3823 PHL1540 – 1733LEX CRJ D
US3734 PHL2055 – 2249LEX CRJ D

US3970 LEX0710 – 0856PHL CRJ D
US3877 LEX1140 – 1325PHL CRJ D
US3823 LEX1800 – 1945PHL CRJ x6

Philadelphia – Memphis
US3756 PHL0935 – 1110MEM CRJ D
US3811 PHL1410 – 1546MEM CRJ D
US3814 PHL1825 – 2016MEM CRJ D

US3748 MEM0720 – 1045PHL CRJ D
US3756 MEM1135 – 1500PHL CRJ D
US3811 MEM1630 – 1955PHL CRJ D

Effective 02JUL14
Charlotte – Oklahoma City
US2858 CLT1125 – 1306OKC CR9 D
US2891 CLT1815 – 1958OKC CR9 D

US2851 OKC0715 – 1049CLT CR9 D
US2858 OKC1340 – 1714CLT CR9 D

Charlotte – Tulsa
US4549 CLT1155 – 1325TUL CR7 D
US4566 CLT2035 – 2155TUL CR7 D

US4539 TUL0730 – 1044CLT CR7 D
US4549 TUL1355 – 1709CLT CR7 D