ASIANA AIRLINES Outlines A380 Operation from June 2014

ASIANA AIRLINES today (21MAR14) opened reservations for planned Airbus A380 operation. The A380 is scheduled to enter service from mid-June 2014, initially operating service to Tokyo Narita, Hong Kong, Osaka Kansai and Bangkok. Long-Haul service is scheduled to begin from 15AUG14.

Planned operation as follow.

Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita 13JUN14 – 14AUG14 1 Daily
OZ102 ICN0900 – 1110NRT 388 D
OZ101 NRT1310 – 1540ICN 388 D

Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong eff 13JUN14 6 weekly
OZ745 ICN1950 – 2240HKG 388 x4
OZ746 HKG0040 – 0510ICN 388 x5

OZ746 operates with A380 from 14JUN14.
From 24JUL14 to 14AUG14, A380 operates OZ745/746 on daily basis
From 17AUG14, A380 operates OZ745 on Day x16 from ICN, Day x27 from HKG

Seoul Incheon – Osaka Kansai 24JUL14 – 14AUG14 1 Daily
OZ112 ICN1045 – 1225KIX 388 D
OZ111 KIX1425 – 1615ICN 388 D

Seoul Incheon – Bangkok 25JUL14 – 13AUG14 5 weekly
OZ741 ICN1830 – 2205BKK 388 x24
OZ742 BKK0110 – 0845ICN 388 x35

OZ742 operates from 24JUL14 to 14AUG14. Note the current operational date discrepancy.

Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles eff 15AUG14 1 Daily
OZ202 ICN1450 – 0950LAX 388 D
OZ201 LAX1220 – 1720+1ICN 388 D

As a result of A380 service entry, OZ202/201 from 15AUG14 is being re-timed (see above). Schedule from 01JUL14 to 14AUG14, Boeing 747-400 service, as follow.
OZ202 ICN1630 – 1200LAX 744 D
OZ201 LAX1340 – 1810+1ICN 744 D

ASIANA AIRLINES on 12FEB14 announced it would start A380 service to Los Angeles from 30JUL14 on a statement published on its facebook page, however it has quietly changed the date to 15AUG14, including its website news update. Planned A380 operation remains subject to change.

The airline’s 495-seater Airbus A380 features 12 First Class (Main Deck), 66 Business Class (Quadra Smartium; Upper Deck only) and 417 Travel Class Seats (Upper Deck: 106 in 2-4-2; Main Deck: 311 in 3-4-3).