THAI July – Oct 2014 Asia Service Reductions

As of 27JUN14, THAI has adjsuted its operational schedule between 01JUL14 and 25OCT14, which sees further service cuts on a number of Asian routes. Planned changes as follow.

Bangkok – Fukuoka 03SEP14 – 24SEP14 Service reduces from daily to 6 weekly (Day x3)
Bangkok – Hong Kong eff 11AUG14 Service reduces from 28 to 26 weekly (except 28SEP14 to 11OCT14)
TG630 BKK1830 – 2215HKG 330 x16
TG603 HKG0745 – 0925BKK 330 x27

Bangkok – Jakarta eff 23JUL14 2nd daily TG435/436 afternoon/evening service operating from this date, instead of 01JUL14
Bangkok – Karachi until 31JUL14 Service reduces from 4 to 3 weekly
Bangkok – Osaka Kansai eff 15JUL14 TG672/673 operates with A330-300 instead of Boeing 777-300
TG672 BKK1100 – 1830KIX 330 D
TG622 BKK2330 – 0700+1KIX 380 D

TG673 KIX0030 – 0420BKK 330 D
TG623 KIX1145 – 1535BKK 380 D

Bangkok – Singapore eff 02AUG14 Service reduces from 28 to 24 weekly
TG413 BKK1115 – 1430SIN 330 157
TG414 SIN1555 – 1715BKK 330 157

Bangkok – Tokyo Haneda TG682/683 service continues to be served by A330-300 instead of Boeing 747-400. From 01OCT14 to 25OCT14 (schedule below), this flight will be operated by Boeing 787-8
TG660 BKK1300 – 2110HND 744 D
TG682 BKK2245 – 0655+1HND 787 D

TG661 HND0020 – 0450BKK 744 D
TG683 HND1035 – 1505BKK 787 D

Bangkok – Tokyo Narita Overall service reduces from 3 to 2 daily from 01JUL14 to 25OCT14
TG676 BKK0735 – 1545NRT 380 D
TG642 BKK2350 – 0810+1NRT 747 D

TG643 NRT1200 – 1630BKK 747 D
TG677 NRT1725 – 2155BKK 380 D

TG640/641 will continue to operate on selected dates in July and August 2014 only. From 01OCT14, TG640/641 operates with A330 on daily basis
TG642/643 operates until 30SEP14 only, and selected dates in October 2014
As a result of service reduction, planned Boeing 787 service from 01SEP14 is cancelled. Winter schedule on/after 26OCT14 is pending

Previously reported changes:
Bangkok – Nagoya 01JUL14 – 31JUL14 Service reduces from 10 to 7 weekly