UNITED W14 International Operation Changes as of 26JUL14

UNITED during the weekend of 26JUL14 schedule update has made additional adjustments for its Winter 2014/15 International operation. Latest adjustment as follow.

Houston – Tokyo Narita Service reduction from 14 to 10 weekly, effective 26OCT14, is extended until 15APR15 instead of 28MAR15. Boeing 787 operates UA001/002 until 28MAR15, 777-200ER from 29MAR15
Newark – Amsterdam 26OCT14 – 17DEC14 CO 2-class 757 continues operation on/after 26OCT14, replacing planned UA 2-class 767-300ER
Newark – Brussels eff 26OCT14 CO 2-class 777-200ER replaces UA 3-class 777. Service in W13 was CO 767-400ER
Newark – Frankfurt 26OCT14 – 11FEB15 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 3-class 777 (Service also operated by CO 767-400ER from 05MAR15, previously scheduled)
Newark – Geneva 26OCT14 – 06JAN15 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 767-300
Newark – Zurich 26OCT14 – 10FEB15 UA 2-class 767 replaces CO 767-400ER (Service also operated by UA 767 from 05MAR15 to 06APR15)
Washington Dulles – Zurich 26OCT14 – 11FEB15 UA 767 continues operation, replacing CO 767-400ER (Service also operated by UA 767 from 05MAR15, previously scheduled)

For revised Guam – Japan operation, please refer to this post.

Previously reported changes (Caribbean and Central America excluded):
Chicago – Brussels eff 26OCT14 UA 3-class 767-300ER replaces 777-200ER
Guam – Cairns eff 18DEC14 Boeing 737-700 replaces -800, 2 weekly (Planned flight number changes from UA098/099 to UA094/095 from 26OCT14 remains unchanged)
Guam – Chuuk – Pohnpei 27OCT14 – 26JAN15 Boeing 737-800 replaces -700, 1 weekly
UA176 GUM1945 – 2139TKK2225 – 0048+1PNI 738 7
UA189 PNI0135 – 0159TKK0250 – 0429GUM 738 1

Guam – Seoul Incheon eff 27OCT14 Daily service resumption with 737-800
Guam – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 28OCT14 NEW 2 weekly service with 737-800
Honolulu – Tokyo Narita eff 06JAN15 Boeing 777-200ER replaces 747-400, daily service
Houston – Frankfurt eff 05MAR15 Boeing 787-8 replaces 767-300ER, daily service
Houston – London Heathrow eff 18DEC14 Boeing 787-8 operation increases from 1 to 2 daily once again
Houston – Santiago de Chile eff 07DEC14 1 Daily UA 767 service
Houston – Sao Paulo eff 26OCT14 UA 3-class 777-200ER replaces UA 2-class 767-300ER
Los Angeles – Melbourne eff 26OCT14 Nonstop service resumes with Boeing 787-9, 6 times a week (Service increases to daily from 08MAR15)
Los Angeles – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 05MAR15 Boeing 787-9 operates on 3 of 7 weekly flights, replacing -8 (daily from 08MAY15)
Los Angeles – Sydney eff 26OCT14 Operational schedule changes from SYD (eff 28OCT14), service moves from 1500hrs to 1100hrs, which sees early arrival in LAX
UA839 LAX2230 – 0840+2SYD 777 D
UA840 SYD1130 – 0620LAX 777 D

Newark – Belfast 05JAN15 – 10MAR15 Seasonal service suspension (4 weekly in W13)
Newark – London Heathrow 06JAN15 – 11FEB15 2 of 4 daily UA 767-300ER service replaced by CO 757-200 (remainder 1 daily CO 777 unchanged)
Newark – Rome 06NOV14 – 27MAR15 Service suspended in Winter season
San Francisco – Sydney eff 26OCT14 Operational schedule changes from SYD (eff 28OCT14), service moves from 1600hrs to 1400hrs, which sees mid-morning arrival in SFO
UA863 SFO2230 – 0835+2SYD 777 D
UA870 SYD1430 – 0915SFO 777 D

San Francisco – Tokyo Haneda eff 26OCT14 NEW Daily 777-200ER service
San Francisco – Tokyo Narita eff 26OCT14 Service reduces from 2 to 1 daily
Washington Dulles – Dublin 05JAN15 – 04MAR15 Seasonal service suspension (4 weekly in W13)
Washington Dulles – Manchester 06JAN15 – 04MAR15 Seasonal service suspension (4 weekly in W13)
Washington Dulles – Rome 25OCT14 – 06APR15 Seasonal service suspension (4 weekly in W13)