AeroGal Adds 4 International Charter Service from Quito in July/August 2014

AeroGal in July and August 2014 is operating a number of charter service from Quito, with flights to Ft. Lauderdale, Mexico City, Orlando and Panama City. Operational aircraft is Airbus A320 aircraft under AV flight number range 7300 – 7399.

Quito – Ft. Lauderdale 22JUL14, 30JUL14, 05AUG14, 13AUG14, 19AUG14 (AV7346/7347)
Quito – Mexico City 16AUG14 (AV7328/7329)
Quito – Orlando 23JUL14, 29JUL14, 06AUG14, 20AUG14, 26AUG14 (AV7344/7345)
Quito – Panama City 30JUL14, 03AUG14, 07AUG14, 12AUG14, 14AUG14, 16AUG14, 21AUG14 (2 flights; AV7310/7311 and AV7308/7309)

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